The worst films we saw in cinemas and on streaming in 2021

Although the theaters were finally opening their doors, it was an odd year for the world of cinema. Restrictions and fears of COVID-19 caused many to move from the big screen to streaming services and some of the big releases went straight to Disney +, Netflix and HBO Max. Can you imagine going to the cinema in 2021, your health gamble and find one of the worst movies you’ve ever seen?

Let’s remember what films have given us a hard time in the past 12 months.

Monster Hunter: The hunt begins

Monster Hunter Worst Movies 2021

The curse of video game adaptations to the cinema continues. Although monsters look just as good as they do in games, the story in this movie – where soldiers travel from our world to the game world – doesn’t make sense. The characters lack charisma and the fights are boring. All negative elements of the films of resident Evil with Milla Jovovich in the lead role are present and raised to the nth power.

You can find our test here. If you still want to watch it, you can do so on DirectTV Go, iTunes, and Google Play.

Thunder power

Thunder power

Melissa McCarthy has starred in some good comedies, but also some junk films and this is one of them. He tries to parody the popularity of superhero films but falls for most of their worst clichés. Character development is too forced and most jokes cause more embarrassment than laughter. The potential was there, but they completely wasted it.

You can find it on Netflix, however In this test we explain why it is better to ignore it.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Zack Snyder Justice League cuts worst films in 2021

We finally saw the infamous ‘Snyder Cut’. While it’s true that it improves some elements of the movie – mainly because it devotes more time to the character of Cyborg – it’s essentially the same. The pace of action, dialogue and exposure are slower with the new footage. Now we have dozens of repetitive sequences with the same information and dialogues. They say and show the same thing, but with different pictures and words. Others are just unnecessary padding that is useless for development. The 4: 3 aspect ratio is incomprehensible, as is its unnecessary black and white version.

When you have four hours off, you can watch it on HBO Max. You can also read our review.


An interesting “cyberpunk” version of a flooded Florida is wasted in this film about “the dangers of homesickness”. Offering the opportunity for his clients to relive every memory, Hugh Jackman decides to use this technology to find the woman he loves (Rebecca Fergusson) who has mysteriously disappeared. It’s a good concept and there’s a lot of acting talent here, but the exaggerated dialogues look like something out of a sophisticated science fiction novel. The plot is forced to solve an uninteresting secret, and the subtext of the addiction couldn’t be more clichéd.

It’s available on HBO Max, but we only recommend it to die-hard Don Wolverine fans.

In the spirit of the devil (Demonic)

worst worst films 2021

Neill Blomkamp was a pretty interesting director. Even without reaching the heights of majesty District 9, Elysium Yes Chappie they had interesting aesthetics and things to say. So his next film couldn’t be more disappointing. This horror film has such a simple and boring storyline that it could have been produced directly on DVD in the late 2000s. The digital theme – the protagonist uses technology to penetrate her obsessed mother’s mind – is completely wasted. The characters act like the worst stereotypes of the ‘slasher’ of the eighties.

If you find it on Prime Video, avoid it at all costs.

Tom Clancy: no regrets

A typical revenge film with the always obvious image of the “glorious American soldier”. Their only reason for existence is a final scene in which they promise to start a cinematic “Tomclancyverso”. As much as we’d love to see a new version of Rainbow sixWe don’t think it will come true after such a bad start. It’s generic and forgotten despite the always pleasant presence of Michael B. Jordan.

It’s on Prime Video too, but there’s no need to watch it.

Spirale: The fear game continues

watched the worst movies of the spiral horror game 2021

Trying to revive the popular franchise Seen it couldn’t be more sad. It is not distinguished by its visual elements. It has a plot with no surprises, the acting is poor, the villain lacks personality, and the traps – though as violent as ever – lacks the creativity seen in previous films. He tries to link his plot to criticism of the police in the US and that’s not bad at all, but we wish that this message wasn’t in one of the worst films of 2021.

You can read our test report here and buy or rent the film from Claro Video or Movistar Play.

Halloween Kills: The night is not over yet

After the saga’s intriguing “semi-reboot” in 2018, we had high hopes for this sequel. It’s a shame he ended up being a general slasher whose nostalgic attachment to the original story prevents him from telling a good story or exploiting his best ideas, such as the general paranoia Michael Myers instills in Haddonfield. He doesn’t even take advantage of the return of Jamie Lee Curtis, whom he tied to a hospital bed for the entire film, and doesn’t even allow him to confront the killer.

Fortunately for everyone, it is not yet available on any streaming service for Colombia. You can find our test report under this link.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Trying to make a film much more faithful to the Capcom video game saga than the films starring Milla Jovovich resulted in disaster. This is little more than a “Series B” movie, which is more about referencing the games than telling a cohesive story, developing the characters, or even bringing some zombie action to the big screen. An absolute disappointment.

Our review goes into this in more depth. It is not yet available on any streaming service.

The resurrection ring

If there is one movie that we need to highlight on this list, it is this “wrong” sequel to ring. It is actually a Chinese film that has nothing to do with the Sadako story, which was given that title in Latin America to exploit the popularity of the Japanese horror saga. It is a mediocre film in all respects, the main aim of which is to “teach young Chinese people that the Internet is dangerous”. His forced message and the lousy synchronization only cause embarrassed laughter.

Here is our review.

Other films that we rank among the worst of 2021 are Midnight sky, Risk area, Chaos wandering, Guardian, The Summoning 3 Yes Monster Hunter: Guild Legends. What was the worst thing you have ever seen?

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