The video 13 detik viral tiktok and twitter download – Catfish Pubg Viral 13 seconds

PUBG Mobile or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is a very popular game in Indonesia today. This game has had many fans since it was first released in 2017. Thanks to strong support from the community and players, this battle royale game can still survive to this day.

Until now, many young people and adults have played this game, not just male players. But now many women also play pubg games. Even dating couples often play this game when they are free.

Tiktok is a PUBG game activity sharing platform to show your skills and montages. Not only in the game. PUBG players often laugh at PUBG vs Free Fire on TikTok.

But now the situation is very different, because recently a beautiful girl became popular on FYP Tiktok, nicknamed Lele PUBG Viral.

So what made this girl popular and why is she called Lele PUBG? Come! Let’s discuss it.

I do not know where this video came from, the truth is that it is said that the girl is viral because someone uploaded it to tiktok, showing someone’s father.

Since the viral video uploaded, the video has now been removed and is highly searched on the internet.

According to different sources, this girl is an active player of PUBG games and her name is LELE. I don’t know what this catfish means. But according to some people, he is LELE by her nickname, PUBG username and social media.

Many netizens are curious about this image of the catfish. They are searching because the video is hard to find because it has been removed from Douyin.

If you are one of the people looking for a video, then we recommend that those looking for a link do not continue. Because the video embarrassed the girl, I felt sorry for the family and the victim.

The owner of the PUBG Catfish account also apologized and admitted that he had been crying, and his social media account has now been deactivated, either on tiktok or instagram.

We can’t give a link to the pubg 13 virus catfish because it doesn’t look right. Especially if you are still under 21 at the moment.

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