The Viacucris of the Messiah of MORE begins

Faith moves mountains and also in politics. His family prayed for Lluís Apesteguia. They saw him as the messiah who had to protect the party from being swallowed by the PSIB – speaking electively – and they developed his strategy. He’s not a good Jesus (God forbid us making comparisons that might hurt the feeling), but he has disciples and apostles. Although there are some among the latter who claim to be honored and claim that the number exceeds seventy, in truth they do not reach ten, although it is true that the disciples multiplied like bread and fish, because if they did not If one had not tried to spread the message of Apesteguia to all corners of Mallorca, it was difficult to win Maria Ramon, who had the support of the party elite.

Faith does everything, faith has won atheism, pragmatism. Perhaps it has to do with the journey on which the leadership of Apesteguia, who gave the team its name, began to sharpen: the clan of the Holy Land (there are always those who want to label everything).

Apesteguia is excited as its slogan says. If he now returns to earthly life, it will show whether he was a bluff when he preached to Francina Armengol, that he is the points on that who, by the way, does not understand that the new leader of MORE has the socialists in his mouth all the time Day.

Now the viacucris begins until the elections. The first stone was found on Monday when Noguera suggested a woman to be the party’s coordinator. That said, there was bicephaly. It remains to be seen whether Apesteguia will rely on herself, push someone unconditionally, or be metaphorically crucified. It wouldn’t be the first, everyone remembers the Borrell / Almunia passage in the PSOE, and in the old testament of MÉS there is also: In the block time, the official Biel Barceló took over the organic control and the winner of the primaries. Mateu Crespí, never headed a list.

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