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The singer and Australian Got Talent presenter Ricki-Lee Coulter spoke in an interview about why she made a conscious decision not to have a child with her husband.

It’s still a largely taboo subject – although it shouldn’t be – but choosing to be childless is one that gets attention; something that Rikki-Lee Coulter discovered.

In a recent interview with Stellar magazine, the singer and Australia’s Got Talent The hostess spoke about her choice and the audience’s reaction.

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Rikki-Lee with husband Richard Harrison and their best friend Yumi’s baby. Source: Instagram

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“I was the oldest”

Rikki-Lee, who became known after her appearance in Australian idol in 2004, and her husband Richard Harrison met in 2009 and married in France in 2015.

It may seem like a natural curiosity, but the inevitable questions of when she will have a baby since then has led the singer to speak up frequently about her decision.

In 2014, Rikki-Lee revealed to Fitzy and Wippa how their life experience led to their decision; because she had the feeling that she had already seen enough child-rearing from a large family.

“I am the oldest of about 30 grandchildren, my mother is one of about fifty thousand children. I was the eldest of all these grandchildren and I was the one who took care of them, ”she said.

“My mother had me when she was very young, so I was dumped with whoever – aunt or girlfriend or cousin who would take me with her when she was 18 when she went out to party.”


Rikki-Lee considers anyone who questions her decision to be “insensitive”. Source: Instagram

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An “old” topic

In 2019 Rikki-Lee told Stellar their “very personal” decision is still being discussed and dissected.

“For me it simply means: I don’t want any children. People on the street ask me, ‘When do you and Rich have children?’ Said Rikki-Lee.

“It took me a while to be so blunt,” she revealed in another interview.

“You worry if people are judging you or trying to talk you around. But now I’m just saying how I feel There is no story, there is nothing to talk to them about. In general, people are okay with that. “


Rikki-Lee spends a lot of time in her life with the children. Source: Instagram

Surrounded by children

Rikki-Lee is surrounded by children in her family.

“My mother and sister had babies around the same time. I love being an aunt. We’re going to stay up all night and eat pizza, we wake up and have a mug of ice cream for breakfast and send you back to your parents – bye, ”she said.

The singer is also very busy with her best friend’s child, whose cute face fills her Instagram.

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