The truth about Robert Durst’s relationship with his siblings

Two of Durst’s siblings that led to Robert Durst’s conviction for the 2000 murder of Susan Berman testified against him in court. Per Crime Story, Thomas Durst was in declining health when he took the witness stand and testified to his brother’s apparent anger issues and the controlling nature of the relationship Robert Durst had with his wife, claiming he feared Robert would become him kill a few times. Though Douglas Durst (pictured above) has never seen violence or anger towards Kathie Durst from his brother, he also feared for his life at the hands of his older sibling, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

According to Douglas Durst’s testimony, Robert Durst claims to have witnessed the unusual death of her own mother, which he doubts, and that Kathie McCormack confided in him that Robert Durst stole from the family business. Wendy Durst Kreeger, the rare Durst sibling who doesn’t work for the organization, remained slightly more loyal to her troubled brother Robert, though she apparently thought he was nuts, according to The New York Post. She reportedly kept in touch and remained a confidant of Robert’s. However, she denies this and has not testified against him, according to The Guardian.

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