the teleportation spell could get a big nerf

A significant ‘nerfeo’ (weakening) could occur soon League of Legends for the well-known summoning spell teleportation. The information is taken from the Public Test Server (PBE), where players can already find an updated description of this ability.

Teleportation is one of the longest-lasting summoners in the game. You can cover long distances in a matter of seconds and generate a numerical advantage at crucial moments. Although it is very popular with players starting in top lane, it has been popularized many times in the history of the game due to its great utility for more positions.

This has been nerfed multiple times, including several extensions to its cooldown. However, what is seen by players at the PBE would greatly change the way it is used.

The new tooltip shows that players can only teleport to friendly structures before the 14 minutes are up. Before, the options were broader: minions, towers, guards, and some champion skills (passive from Zac, E from Jhin, etc.). After that time, all of these actions were allowed.

In other words, Teleport potential was limited in the early game.

Since this is the test server, It is not known if this change officially comes into play. If so, it is possible that it will arrive in early 2022.

League of Legends: What would the “nerf” of teleportation mean?

This change would make the top lane an even more isolated position from the rest of the team in the early game. The ability to teleport into minions or guards allowed the fifth member of the team to fight the dragon or launch a surprise attack down lane. This could lead to more non-teleported champions like Tryndamere or Darius becoming popular.

On the other hand, the bottom lane should feel a little more secure. Keeping an eye on the jungle and the center lane is easier than keeping an eye out for another enemy showing up somewhere.

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Source: League of Legends PBE

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