The “tease” of GTA 6 in the trilogy isn’t quite what they say

You have probably heard of a new advertising poster for the “new” GTA 3 at the airport. A poster, of course, very good people say it’s a tip pointing to the start of GTA 6. But no … you can get your horse out of the rain!

The “tease” of GTA 6 in the trilogy isn’t quite what they say

GTA 6 inches GTA 6 inches

GTA 6 inches

As you may know, Rockstar is known for hiding “teasers” and “clues” in their games so that players can find them and have an idea of ​​what’s next, be it a new GTA or another game, from another studio saga.

Well, there’s a completely new poster, that is, it didn’t exist in the original GTA 3, which caught players’ attention. Or rather, it existed in the original game labeled “See you in Miami,” a clear reference to Vice City, but it has now been updated a little differently.

At least the new poster still shows a beach, but it is no longer Miami, but Chumash Beach from GTA V. In other words, we have nothing to do with GTA VI here, but a teaser from GTA V Expanded & Enhanced Edition that should be next Year on the shelves.

Why all this confusion? Well, the beach in GTA V doesn’t have palm trees, and you can see some on the poster. But that, too, could change in the new remastered version of the game. In a nutshell, forget about GTA VI for now … This game shouldn’t hit the market until 2024, after the remaster of GTA V in 2022 and the remaster of GTA IV in 2023.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Have you seen the poster yet? Bought GTA Trilogy or ran away from 7 feet after seeing the issues? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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