The siege is tightened, so that Lluís Apesteguia the new coordinator of MÉS. will

PalmaA woman. This was the option that the still MÉS coordinator for Mallorca, Antoni Noguera, put on the table to replace him in office. The eco-sovereignty party will elect a new leadership in the congress at the end of November. That Apesteguia’s victory over Maria Ramon came unexpectedly is no longer news. But whether he will eventually take the reins of the formation remains to be seen, a possibility that more and more voices within MORE are demanding and that Apestguia takes every summit more seriously, despite publicly speaking out in favor of a bicephalic inside MORE, where leadership is shared . “The fact that the candidate does not necessarily have to be a party coordinator is a scenario that I like,” he said in an interview with ARA Balears just one day after being elected candidate. Party sources say, however, that the pressure on him to choose to coordinate is growing.

As for the criticism sector of Apesteguia, according to the testimony of the Mayor of Deià during the election campaign about the presence of MÉS in the government, it is impossible to ignore the party. “His speech goes beyond that of a candidate: it is the speech of a coordinator,” they say. If neither Apesteguia nor Alzamora ultimately choose to be coordinators, there is a risk that a decorative party leadership will end and this situation will weigh on the strategic work that needs to be done for the 2023 elections.

It is ruled out that it is Maria Ramon, although there are voices defending this option. It would be hard to understand that whoever didn’t win the primaries would take over the coordination of the training, but it remains to be seen what role Ramon will play from now on. Part of the party is of the opinion that the mayor of Esporles was asked more than Apesteguia precisely because she is a woman.

In this case, Congress must not only serve to elect a leader, but must also unite the party. Part of MORE believes that Apesteguia has criticized the comrades who are part of the government and those who sit in the parliamentary seats. Sources from the environment of the mayor of Deià emphasize, however, that at no time was a person or position questioned, but that the assessments relate to the role of MORE as a whole.

Either way, once the new coordinator and executive are selected, it is time to go one step further. Because the demand to revise the Bellver Agreement is not only a demand from Apesteguia, but Toni Noguera had put it on the table before the primaries. Sources close to the parliamentary candidate assume, however, that there will be no political earthquake until the end of the electoral term and that MORE’s presence in the executive is assured. And this despite the discomfort that the choice of Apesteguia caused in the Armengol area.

But in MÉS there are also those who remember that Apesteguia did not talk about 2023 but criticized what is now and claims that it is compatible with his demonstrations during the election campaign. In any case, Congress must be a turning point and a confluence. The party needs to work on the candidate’s forecast for the 2023 elections and prepare a team to improve the 2019 results – we must not forget that they are the second best in MORE history.

The candidacy for Congress

On the other hand, the election of the candidate for the Congress of Representatives is still pending. However, this decision should not only be made for Mallorca. It is worth remembering that one of the goals achieved during Toni Noguera’s time as coordinator was to share a stable brand with Més per Menorca and Ara Eivissa and these two formations have a lot to say. But Més per Menorca has praised Vidal’s work several times and Esporles could be a good consensus candidate. MORE recognizes his strong figure, but also points out that the candidate must be appointed collegially.

At the moment, leaks in the media are paving the way for Congress with counter allegations. Apesteguia entourage said there was information that would have harmed the candidate and that Noguera’s proposal to coordinate a woman excluded him. Other sources point out that the current executive has not leaked anything for two years and resignedly assume that the calm is over.

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