The RTX 2060 with 12GB is nobody’s salvation …

For a long time it was felt that NVIDIA would bring the new version of the RTX 2060, now with 12 GB of memory, onto the market in order to “save” the world of graphics cards.

In other words, the idea would be to go for a “good” performance graphics card, less complex than the current RTX 30, based on a less problematic process than the current 8nm Samsung, at a cool price point to gamers with a decent graphics card before things really start to get better at some point in 2022.

Yes but no! The RTX 2060 with 12 GB is a graphics card that was specially developed for mining.

The RTX 2060 with 12GB is nobody’s salvation …

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Therefore, the RTX 2060, based on the old 12 nm process, now with 12 GB GDDR6 memory, finally came onto the market on December 7th after many weeks full of leaks and rumors. However, contrary to expectations, it was an extremely quiet release. In fact, the graphics card giant even asked the partners not to send any test devices to the media.

However, the graphics card is already a rarity and costs between 600 ~ 800 € depending on the market. With a TU106-300 GPU and thus the same cores as the RTX 2060 Super (2176 CUDA cores).

Why rarity? Because the miners have already attacked them without pity or pity. Which apparently was NVIDIA’s original plan. This card was never developed for gamers, but for those who want to mine cryptocurrencies via GPUs. In short, this is an odd release without a doubt. Since NVIDIA itself seemed to have tried to break away from mining with this type of card by introducing restrictions into the RTX 30, it simultaneously launched a range that was developed precisely and only for this practice.

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