The mysterious deaths of Candy Belt and Gloria Ross

Tammy Papler said local police, who first arrived at the scene, harassed and threatened her and her staff. When the county sheriff arrived to help, Papler briefed him on the officers’ behavior, saying she and her employees believed that Officer Carter, who was present at the scene, was responsible for the deaths of the women.

As reported by CG Crimes Site, when asked about his possible involvement, Carter reportedly admitted to having attended the New Life Massage Parlor the morning the women were killed. However, he insisted that he return home at 3 a.m., which was reportedly an hour before the killings. He also allegedly denied owning a weapon of the caliber with which the crimes were committed.

When authorities questioned Carter’s wife to confirm his story, she allegedly said her husband was absent at 3 a.m. and actually returned home around 4 a.m. CG Crimes Site reports that it confirmed that her husband owned a gun, such as that used in the murders, and had it hidden under the mattress of her bed. However, it is said to have disappeared before the women were killed.

Although Carter’s wife couldn’t confirm his alibi, he was not arrested and eventually moved out of town. As reported by Unsolved Mysteries, Papler was upset that the murders of her employees remained unsolved and that she believed the corruption of the police to be to blame.

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