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The last Windows 11 update caused a problem. solve now



Microsoft recently started releasing a new version of Windows 11, specifically version 22000.100. Although many bugs were fixed and new features added, things didn’t go well. For example, several Insiders who installed this operating system received an error message stating that something went wrong. This is especially true if you are trying to sign in using Windows Hello. However, it is possible to use the latest Windows 11 update to fix the situation.

The last Windows 11 update caused a problem. solve now

Now there are two solutions. One is to just use a PIN and wait for Microsoft to fix this problem in a later version. The other is to remove the Windows Hello biometric driver and let Windows install a new version that works fine.

To do this, enter device manager in the search field.

Then when Device Manager opens, look for biometric devices. In the meantime, right click and select the Uninstall option in Windows Hello Face Software Device.


Then restart your PC. Soon after, Windows will install the correct driver and the problem will be resolved.

What has changed in the new version?

Windows 11 KB5004300 includes many system tray improvements. One of them is the way the system icons appear when you click the arrow on the system tray. So far we have not had the right to a very modern interface. At least with the rounder corners that the Microsoft so much. With this update we have now and the module with symbols no longer appears attached to the bar.

In addition to this improvement, Microsoft has also updated the touch keyboard icon in the system tray to match the size of other icons. The calendar has also seen some improvements.

And we also have some news with the Windows 11 update

In addition, the new version comes with a new design in the warning system for applications that are in the system tray. So when one of the apps needs our attention it will start blinking. Visually it is much more noticeable. However, this blinking happens in a very subtle way. Then it stops and a little red bar appears underneath.

The Microsoft Store also had the right to a new navigation. Swiping through the app now feels faster and we have new animations when we open an app or a movie.

In addition to everything I mentioned, Microsoft also resolved an issue where explorer.exe would stop working when we clicked the date and time. A situation where the computer could not return from hibernation has also been resolved. Also, you can now click the taskbar to close the start menu or search. This was missing from the original builds.

Another great news is the integration of teams into the Windows 11 system tray. It is possible to start a conversation directly from the system tray. Everything happens in a style very similar to MSN Messenger. We just don’t have nudge to shake our friends’ windows.

The installation of the new update is quite easy. Just go to search and write Check for Update and then click Open. At this point it is checked whether there are any updates. Then it is installed

Are there any issues with this new version?

No new issues were discovered, but there are things Microsoft knows that still don’t work as well. Sometimes the system tray can jiggle and the Settings app may stop working. However, Windows can sometimes display the wrong item when you click an icon. On the other hand, the search box may not open or appear to the side.

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OneDrive: solve synchronization problems with Windows!




OneDrive syncs with Windows 10 and Windows 11 to back up our files in the cloud. However, sometimes there can be issues that prevent OneDrive sync from working properly. A reset can solve all situations.

OneDrive: solve synchronization problems with Windows!

OneDrive works great, but like other apps, nothing is bug-free. Although they are rare, they sometimes run into problems and it is even necessary to reset the app to fix the syncing problems with Windows.

Am i losing files?

No. Everything that is stored on your PC stays on your PC. Likewise, what is on OneDrive remains on OneDrive. What happens is that existing connections are terminated. In fact, the main purpose of resetting OneDrive is to disconnect and reconnect. However, don’t worry because this process isn’t that complicated.

But before we reset, we can try something else.

If you’re using Windows 10, right-click the OneDrive icon and choose the Close OneDrive option. If you are using Windows 11 there is only one more step required. So right click, then click Help and Settings and choose the option to Close OneDrive.

A window will appear asking if you really want to close OneDrive. Just click the Close OneDrive button.

To reopen OneDrive just use Windows search and write OneDrive. After the right hand side, just click Open and that’s it. The method is the same for Windows 10 and 11.

If that doesn’t solve the problem then we really need to roll back.

The process is very simple. First enter and in the Windows search. Then click Open on the right.

Put after the run window

%localappdata%MicrosoftOneDriveonedrive.exe /reset

Then just click OK.

Then OneDrive will be closed. Then we just go to Windows Search and write OneDrive and run that app again.

However, OneDrive is available for mobile platforms. You can find it in the Play Store here.

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Gmail just got a free upgrade! Already found?




Many thought that due to all of the communication platforms we currently have, emails were going to end. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. E-mail continues and with it platforms such as Gmail. In fact, it is one of the most powerful email systems out there. It’s not all perfect, however, despite the fact that Google is constantly striving to improve what doesn’t work well. By the way, behold, Gmail was eligible for a free upgrade that saved us from serious errors!

Gmail just got a free upgrade! Already found?

When we send an email without the promised attachment, it can be quite annoying, much worse than sending a message with sensitive content to the wrong person. Especially when it’s a colleague. Such mistakes can be embarrassing, but they can also cost the company we work for, especially if we make a mistake and inadvertently share personal information with a third party.

It’s true that we have broadcasts on some platforms, including Gmail. However, this doesn’t always work.

Now, Gmail is going to implement a few ways to keep us from being too fooled about sending emails to multiple people at the same time. For example, if we now add someone to the recipient list, their email addresses or names will also appear with their profile pictures. That way, we can see who we’ve added instantly and more visually.

In the meantime, the people we have already added will be flagged for whom there is no way to send the message to the same person twice.

But there is more news. It is possible to have a special name for people in our bucket list and those are the names that other people will see. In other words, it’s a way of masking the real names.

In addition to what I mentioned, those who use Gmail at work have even more advantages. This is because people outside of the company are flagged so that work information is not sent to outside people. At least by mistake.

These messages are already reaching all users.

Remember, the Gmail app is available to those who use it on mobile devices on Load game and further Appstore.

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Fuels: what is the difference between simple and additive?




Well, a few days ago, on the subject of the energy crisis that is raging across Europe and one of the nightmares of the vast majority of Portuguese motorists, That’s how high the taxes on gasoline and diesel are … We have written an article that explains what “cheap” fuel really is and what the difference is between a low-cost petrol station and a “branded” supply network.

With all of that said, today we’re going to try to explain the difference between a simple fuel and an additive fuel. Is it worth paying more?

Fuel crisis: what is the difference between simple and additive?

In case you didn’t already know, a few years ago the national fuel networks were forced to make basic fuels available at their filling stations. That is, fuels with a smaller amount of additives.

Smaller number, but still compliant with the standards EN 590 (diesel) and EN 228 (petrol) required by automobile manufacturers.

What is an additive fuel?

It is the most expensive version of the fuel at any gas station, called Evologic at Galp, Neotech at Repsol and Ultimate at BP.

In short, every brand has its marketing name. But in a very curious way today there are even the “cheap” petrol stations with additional fuel, as is the case with Prio with its TOP 95.

Do simple or “cheap” fuels have additives?

Yes indeed! However, only in small quantities in order to meet the above standards.

What is the difference?

The premise is the same for all brands!

Premium fuels promise more kilometers per tank and fewer maintenance problems. All due to the fact that they leave the deposit cleaner.

Interestingly, they also promise less polluting gases etc … Is it true? Well, none of the gas stations share the amount of additives they add to their premium fuel, and according to many studies it is “all equal to the liter”.

What is an additive?

In a very simple way, these are products with the aim of cleaning the tank, valves and injectors, improving combustion, lubricating the injection system, etc. These products are added to the fuel that you put in your car.

It is worth it?

Difficult question and even more complicated answer.

There is no study that unequivocally demonstrates the benefits of this type of fuel. However, when additives are present the fuel is actually of higher quality. If that makes a difference in the number of KM and the long-term maintenance of your car … Nobody knows!

One thing is certain when premium fuel actually helps keep the engine clean and produces better combustion. On the other side of the barricade, regular fuel won’t pollute the engine. All in all, premium fuel isn’t going to help your car perform better or produce more horsepower, either.

The myth!

Interestingly, there are a number of myths that motorists, mechanics, gas station workers themselves, etc. quickly put on when the engine light came on. Do not believe this dramatic story.


Since it is impossible to know the amount of additives that each brand is adding to their premium fuels, it pays “premium” prices for “premium” fuels that actually have no idea what they contain. In other words, you have no idea what you are putting in your car’s tank, you are just tracking each brand’s marketing.

For some enthusiasts, the easiest and most beneficial is to use simple fuel and then add additives at home. There’s a lot of variety in the market for multiple brands, many with quality. This will keep your car’s combustion system clean and, of course, know what you are really putting in your car’s tank.

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