The GTA 6 release timeline has been leaked in Take-Two’s financial report

We recently reported on this The company Take-Two had taken over the mobile game studio Zynga, famous for his series farm yard. But the news didn’t end there. The financial report that the company showed its investors in connection with the acquisition contains information that indicates the launch period or the approximate date of the long-awaited GTA6.

According to the publication Axios Gaming, the report indicates that Take-Two expects a 14% annual growth rate over the next three years. That would be $9 billion in revenue from video game-related transactions. According to an analysis by Jeffries, a well-known Wall Street firm, “there are only a handful of stocks that can inspire enough confidence to inspire those expectations.”

That led to the conclusion that “at least one game of a popular rockstar IP will be released in fiscal year 2024”. If this proves true, the release date of GTA6 will be between April 1, 2023 and March 31, 2024.

Possible GTA 6 release date leaks in Take-Two's financial report

As we suspected, this game will take some more time. According to previous rumors and leaks, Grand Theft Auto VI would take place in a modern version of Vice City and wouldn’t arrive until 2025.

Source: Axios Gaming

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