The Galaxy S21 FE hasn’t released yet and it’s already a failure

Ö Galaxy S20 FE last year it was one of the most interesting smartphones Samsung has released lately. However, for various reasons, the South Korean giant doesn’t seem to be able to repeat the feat in 2021.

Yes, we will have a Galaxy S21 FE, and probably even in good numbers in Europe, namely in Portugal. But it’s a smartphone that’s late, maybe late, and Samsung is well aware of that.

The Galaxy S21 FE hasn’t released yet and it’s already a failure

the Galaxy S21 FE

So the S21 FE seems to be real and is even officially announced on January 4th and launched a week later on January 11th.

However, the launch strategy for this device will be very different from what is usual for Samsung sites. After all, the smartphone giant has decided not to launch its new FE device in multiple markets, where we even have to include South Korea. Why? The reason is very simple … The proximity to the launch of the Galaxy S22 range! When will the Galaxy S22 be launched? Well, everything points to February!

In short, Samsung does not want to launch two “flagships” in a row as one is obviously stealing sales from the other. Which in the end raises a question … Why not cancel the launch of the S21 FE and put everything on the new Galaxy S22? After all, Samsung has to win, not invent!

The only way Samsung can make this launch a success is to bring the S21 FE to market at a super attractive price, which in our opinion means a little under $ 400.

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