the date when it will be available again in digital stores

Middle of December, Producer Naoki ‘Yoshi P’ Yoshida announced the sale of his hit Last Fantasy XIV they should be suspended precisely because it was too successful. The number of users who tried to play after the extension was launched endwalker The servers were overloaded. It seems things have stabilized as Square Enix has announced the date FFXIV will be available again in digital stores.

we can buy FFXIV on the PS Store, Steam, the Square Enix website and other stores that will make it available for sale again from now on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

Unfortunately, the popular free trial version of the game isn’t coming back anytime soon. They also say that this decision can be reversed if the congestion continues.

FFXIV: We already know the date when it will be available again in digital stores

Yoshida used the news to talk about the global capacity of the game’s servers. A new data center for Oceania will open on the same day as the return of Last Fantasy XIV to the shops. World transfer service will be restored on the following day: Wednesday, January 26th.

It has also been reported that Square Enix is ​​planning to expand data centers in Japan, Europe and North America as promised. This should happen between July and August of this year.

Source: The Magnet

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