The creator of The Squid Game talks about the third season

Although the first season of the Netflix phenomenon series has an open ending, it tells a complete and closed story that could well end there. But such success cannot exist without trying to make more of it. The screenwriter and director Hwang Dong-hyuk confirmed a few weeks ago that, although not originally planned, The squid game will have a second season and recently added that there could be a third season as well.

In an interview with the Korean television broadcaster KBS, the person in charge of the hit series said the following:

“I’m talking to Netflix about the second season of The squid game and also about season 3. We will come to an end anytime ”.

The creator of The Squid Game talks about the third season in addition to the second.
Hwang Dong-hyuk

This is the first time there has been any reference to a third season of the Deadly Games franchise set in Korea. While the truth is that we think it would be a bad idea to continue the series that was so brilliant, we cannot deny that we are curious about where the story may lead.

Although the second season of The squid game It has already got the green light, it is still in the pre-production phase. Most likely it won’t happen in 2022. Season three is not confirmed, but Dong-hyuk’s words confirm that they are at least considering doing it.

We add this work to our list of best series 2021.

Via: deadline
Source: KBS television station

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