The “bullied” Lance Corporal in Prince Harry’s regiment hanged himself after being promoted

A “bullied” Lance Corporal in Prince Harry’s former regiment took his own life in his barracks after assuming a night after being passed over for promotion, an investigation has heard.

Joel Robinson, who served with the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, also known as the Blues and Royals, was found by colleagues in a room in the Combermere Barracks in Windsor at 3 a.m. on March 25, 2019.

A coroner ruled today that he died of suicide when they beat the army up for not doing enough to stop the wave of self-inflicted deaths among their troops.

LCpl Joel Robinson joined the army in 2010 straight out of school

Lance Corporal Joel Robinson (pictured) had served with the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment at Combermere Barracks

The investigation into his death learned that the 24-year-old felt bullied and passed over for promotion by one of his superiors in the Elite Life Guards Regiment, despite receiving glowing reports throughout.

Previously, L / Cpl Robinson’s mother Angela and her lawyer Adam Payter told the coroner: “On News” [to his mother] Joel described a number of occasions starting in 2017 that his boss, L / Cpl Joyce, “literally bullied” him and that he would “fly at him” and threaten him.

‘He made allusions to the’ survival ‘of this process.’

The coroner said the young man’s cause of death was suffocation by hanging

The Reading, Berkshire investigation was told that L / Cpl Robinson, whose family is in Penrith, Cumbria, had attempted to file a formal complaint about his manager’s conduct during his tenure in Germany, which was repeatedly rejected and never officially it was submitted even when he returned to Britain.

Berkshire Senior Coroner Heidi Connor said today, “There was little surveillance and the chain of command was not as strong as it should have been.”

The coroner also said the mistreatment of the complaint was a risk factor for L / Cpl Robinson’s mental health that should have been identified by his supervisors.

She said, “The service complaint was very important in the conversation about L / Cpl Robinson’s risk factors. Upon L / Cpl Robinson’s return to the UK, he felt overlooked for a promotion and that other less deserving soldiers were being promoted.

“He said that this could be due to the complaint made in Germany. Major Chambers stated that the reasons had nothing to do with the service complaint, but it was clear that this impression worried L / Cpl Robinson. ‘

A coroner ruled today that he died of suicide when they beat up the army for not doing enough to stop the wave of self-inflicted deaths among their troops

The investigation had previously heard that L / Cpl Robinson had been drinking with his civilian friend Gareth Williams, who dropped him off at Windsor barracks, the night before the soldier was found hanged, before texting him with the words “Thanks for a great” wrote Nacht. ‘

Mr. Williams added, “We would often sing together until the late hours and often until we couldn’t keep our eyes open.

“He mentioned that he was taking antidepressants. He mentioned on a few occasions that everything was not all right in the barracks. He didn’t want to be in the barracks.

“He wanted to leave but didn’t know what to do when he got out.”

But at 3 a.m., L / Cpl Robinson was found hanged by one of his colleagues. Despite his best efforts, he was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

Previously, the investigation had heard that his family and friends had no concerns about L / Cpl Robinson’s mental health prior to his death.

Prince Harry marches to hand over medals for the Afghanistan war fight to officers and soldiers of the Household Cavalry Regiment at Combermere Barracks on May 5, 2008

LCpl Robinson joined the army in 2010 right out of school and his mother, who is an army veteran herself, thought it was a safe place for him to make a career.

When she reached her conclusion, Ms. Connor slammed the Army’s rules on dealing with suicide, saying, “The army’s approach seems passive and a soldier would have to raise his hand to say he was fighting instead having a process that is actively looking at itself. ” Risk factors.

“Unfortunately, I’ve seen that there are clearly more suicides in the army than in other armed forces.”

The coroner told the hearing that she would write her recommendations to the most senior officer in the British Army, including that the Army would begin proactively reviewing the mental health of its soldiers.

As she was tapping a suicide sentence, Ms. Connor told L / Cpl Robinson’s family, “I really like the sound of Joel, and I rather wish I had known him when I was alive.

Combermere Barracks in Windsor, where both LCpl Robinson and Prince Harry served

“I hope that after that conclusion you can go and have some happier memories of Joel.”

After graduating from the coroner, she read a touching pen and ink portrait of L / Cpl Robinson, written by his mother Angela.

She said, “Joel was a lovable, warm, loyal, sociable, intelligent, and energetic young man. He had a big heart, an infectious, winning smile, and a charismatic personality.

“We are very proud of so many things that he has achieved in his life. Most recently, his sheer commitment to being successful in the army and achieving his goals. His bright annual reports describe him as professional, popular and enormously talented.

In honor of those memories and as a lasting tribute to Joel and to celebrate his short life, his name will be posted on the side of a new RNLI all-weather lifeboat to be launched in 2022 in Wells-Nest-the-Sea, Norfolk.

“In a way, it will allow Joel to continue helping and protecting people, just as he did in his own life.”

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