The British Pullman Cygnus wagon designed by Wes Anderson

We get into a new Wes Anderson-designed car on a luxury train, the British Pullman Cygnus Carriage.

There is no one who stirs up nostalgia like the movie writer Wes Anderson. The American eccentric and Oscar nominee is known for works like The Grand Budapest Hotel, The royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom, and Life in the water with Steve Zissou.

He has just released the highly anticipated film The French shipping, which includes a star-studded cast that includes Bill Murray, Benicio Del Toro, Frances McDormand, William Dafoe, and Owen Wilson.

The British Pullman Cygnus wagon

British Pullman Cygnus Car: The luxury train designed by Wes Anderson

Surreal worlds and antique-inspired backdrops shape Anderson’s work almost as much as his bizarre characters and his dry wit. Beyond the cinema, his forays into the design of the Bar Luce in the Fondazione Prada in Milan included. But this latest inspired collaboration involves the interior of the Cygnet Carriage, which is part of Belmond’s own luxury train, The British Pullman.

“I love trains,” says Anderson. “I’ve had the opportunity to invent train compartments and wagons in my films many times, so I was immediately excited to accept this real opportunity and very eager to create something new and at the same time participate in the maintenance process that accompanies all classic Belmond train projects . “

“They keep something special alive and ignite this endangered form of travel into a new golden era.”

The British Pullman Cygnus wagon

The Anderson-designed Cygnet Carriage was unveiled last month and is a reminder of the golden age of cinema and travel. The Cygnus – symbolized by a swan – makes itself present in small details within the carriage design and accessories. A dreamy interior in the 1950s carriage offers exceptional woodwork, marquetry and Art Deco inspiration.

Symmetry, Art Nouveau references and lively geometric patterns adorn velvet booths and curtains and become clear Wes Anderson signatures. The introduction of two new private coupés in the carriage offers an experience beyond first class, with free-flow champagne in lush seclusion.

“It was a privilege to work with Wes Anderson, one of the world’s most fascinating storytellers and a true legend,” says Arnaud Champenois of Belmond. “At Belmond we are custodians of the timeless heritage. We’re always looking for new ways to stay relevant and create new legendary adventures. It is our mission to keep the travel dreams alive by working with the most creative talents who share our passion for design and craft. “

The British Pullman Cygnus wagon

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