The Book by Boba Fett (Analysis Episode 3)

Episode 3 of The Boba Fett Book it’s something strange. The previous chapters had clearly shown the influences of “Western” and gangster cinema, but its double narrative between present and past did not allow us to understand the intentions of the series. Things are starting to change. However, we’re still surprised by the Mandalorian’s personality change. We also have many doubts about his goals and that doesn’t allow us to understand the character well, at least for the moment.

This review contains “spoilers” for episode 3 of The Boba Fett Book, justified The streets of Mos Espa.

gang war

One of the big questions the first two episodes posed to us was: Why is Boba Fett considered a daimyo even though he has no real power on Tatooine? At the start of the series, he had only Fennec Shand and Jabba’s palace droids under his command, which weren’t even battle droids. He’s getting some Gamorrean bodyguards soon, but that’s about it. Did he think that just by sitting on the throne he would be handed over to a criminal empire?

The Book of Boba Fett Critical Analysis Opinion Review Episode Chapter 3 The Streets of Mos Espa

Fett has no way of offering protection, blackmail, smuggling or anything like that. It’s really incredible to think that a seasoned bounty hunter like him didn’t understand how this business works.

The attitude of the protagonist goes hand in hand with the personality change that we have already spoken about in the analyzes of the previous chapters. While the “cold and calculating” Mandalorian we are so familiar with comes from its depiction in the decanonized expanded universe now known as “Legends”, it also appears in current continuity comics such as Bounty Hunter War. We’re not used to seeing him as a man who easily forgives those who try to assassinate him.

At the beginning of episode 3 of The Boba Fett Book We finally discovered something we should have known from the start. The daimyo position Fett took over from Bib Fortuna had little power, and its territory had been divided between three crime families. With the Pyke Syndicate arriving to determine its position and a protagonist finally starting to build an army, we finally have all the pieces on the board and the game can begin. Too bad it took three episodes.

The Book of Boba Fett Critical Analysis Opinion Review Episode Chapter 3 The Streets of Mos Espa

Speaking of her army, don’t you think this clone of Joan Jett and her gang doesn’t fit Tatooine’s space western look? Instead of outlaws, they look like something straight out of an 80’s cyberpunk tale.

A revenge story?

This chapter devotes very little time to Fett’s past, unlike the previous ones, and the minutes it depicts are focused on showing tragedy.

We’ve argued in the past that Boba Fett’s quest to become Tatooine’s supreme criminal leader may be related to demanding respect and justice for the Tusken Raiders. But we still don’t see the direct relationship between the two plots.

Flashbacks will likely be seen in future episodes showing him taking revenge on the Nikto, forming alliances with other Tusken tribes, and beginning his relationship with the Fennec Shand. The latter becomes necessary. Played by the great Ming-Na Wen, the character requires more background knowledge than they’ve shown so far The Mandalorian Yes The bad batch.

The Book of Boba Fett Critical Analysis Opinion Review Episode Chapter 3 The Streets of Mos Espa

Even if The Boba Fett Book it’s slowly evolving, we can’t deny we’re very entertained. The action scenes were very good and the Mandalorian and his assistant have a great presence on screen.

Details, easter eggs and references in episode 3 of The Boba Fett Book

  • As Boba Fett walks past the impaled torsos of stormtroopers in Mos Eisley, on the other side we see a frizzy-haired woman accompanied by three DUM-series repair droids. She’s probably Peli Motto, the mechanic played by Amy Sedaris on the show The Mandalorian.
  • We also saw these spiked helmets on the planet Navarro from the series The Mandalorian. It seems they were a symbol used throughout the galaxy to ward off the defeated Galactic Empire.
  • The rancor’s trainer is played by Danny Trejo. Not only is it incredibly popular thanks to movies like machete Yes spy kidsHe is the second cousin of the director of this episode: Robert Rodríguez. Recently had an appearance in the video game far away 6.
  • The trainer mentions that the witches of Dathomir ride their home planet’s rancor. The image of these Force users on these creatures was very popular in the decanonized expanded universe. This is also mentioned in the series The clone wars. Starkiller, the protagonist of the video game The Force Awakens She can also ride a rancor, just like Jedi Master Shaak’Ti. The cover of one of the comics by The High Republic it also shows the Avar Jedi Master Kriss riding a rancor.
  • The gladiator arena they refer to when talking about the Wookiee Krrsantan could be a clue to the next video game. Star Wars: Hunters.

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