The best movie, series and video game characters of 2021

We’re already delivering the awards for the best video games and we talk about that Best movies, series Yes Anime of the year, but we can’t let 2021 end without talking about the reason we liked these works so much: their characters.

Over the past 12 months they have fallen in love with us and have helped us get through a rather difficult season. In our always humble opinion, these are the best characters we have met in the movies, series and video games of 2021.

Dame Alcina Dimitrescu (Resident Evil Village)

The best film, series and video game characters of 2021 Lady Dimitrescu

If there was one true icon for the video game world this year, it was this giant vampire lady. It’s really sad that we can only “enjoy” his presence for less than a quarter of the game as he shocked us with his presence and unleashed the imaginations of hundreds of horny male and female players. We hope to find them back in the DLC and promise we won’t get caught on purpose this time around. You can find all of our content on this title here.

Kyojuro Rengoku (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

The best characters in movies, series and video games of 2021 Rengoku

This is another character we spend less time with than we would like. The Pillar of Fire impressed us with his curious expression and wild eyebrows when we met him in the first season of the anime, but he captured our hearts in the movie. The infinite train thanks to his funny personality and impressive martial arts. We miss him, but at least we saw a little more of him at the beginning of the second season of the series.

Selene Vasos (return)

The best movie, series and video game characters of 2021

To talk about the protagonist of this fascinating game with time loops, let’s quote part of our review: “For most of the game, Selene is characterized as a stoic woman. However, this tough character is a cover for his trauma. We are not referring to the one caused by the constant deaths, but to one much older and rooted in his head. In addition, is the protagonist of return it is characterized by its persistence. That makes it easy to feel sorry for her, as the players also yearn to break the cycle.

Father Paul Hill (midnight fair)

The best movie, series and video game characters of 2021

This year we’ve spent many hours watching series on Netflix and we’ve met great characters, but none of them impressed us like the pastor of Crockett Island. This man is so charismatic and attractive that he tried us to ignore the secrets around him in order to let him lead us to “salvation”. We encourage you to read our in-depth thematic analysis of the series and you’ll understand why he’s one of the best series characters of 2021.

Roy Kent (Ted Lasso)

The best movie, series and video game characters of 2021

A late career soccer player, former Champions League champion, became our favorite in a series full of charismatic and very well-written characters. All thanks to a captivating personality who, behind a stoic and aggressive attitude, hides a deeply emotional man who loves his niece, girlfriend and football wholeheartedly. The contrast of their personalities and fantastic tone of voice created some of the funniest and most emotional moments of the first two seasons.

Jelena Belova (Black widow / Hawk Eye)

The best movie, series and video game characters of 2021

The loss of Natasha in the Marvel Cinematic Universe still hurts us. Her sister will not replace her in our hearts, but she easily earned her own place. Florence Pugh is fantastic at everything she does and this is no exception, which makes Yelena one of the best movie characters of 2021. We loved seeing her fight by the side of her family Black widow and it was one of the best elements in the series Hawk Eyein which he demonstrated excellent chemistry with Kate Bishop. We hope to see you together again in the future.

Travis touchdown (No more heroes 3)

The «otaku killer» returns to Santa Destroy after several years of exile and self-criticism Travis Strike Again: No More Heroes. The result is a clear further development of her personality, which – while maintaining her characteristic humor – is now “more mature” and more focused on her decisions. Travis is no longer trying to please himself, he is now fighting for his loved ones and more than a murderer he is now aware that he can be a superhero. The above, along with the extravagant events of the final game in the franchise LMWH, create the perfect setting for Travis. Here is our review of the title.

King Shark (The suicide squad)

James Gunn’s film is full of fantastic characters, from our adored Harley Quinn to the ironically violent peacemaker. But if one of them captured our hearts, it was that version of Nanaue, whose dog-eyed eyes contrasted immensely with the violence with which she destroys her enemies. His attempts to demonstrate intelligence and the way he connects with the rest of the team made us laugh and touch. Our favorite version of the character is from the cartoon series by Harley Quinn, but that’s barely a second. Here is our review of this film.

Hexing (Arcane: A League of Legends Story)

The best movie, series and video game characters of 2021

She was a pretty funny character in Riot Games’ popular MOBA, but we never imagined “the Harley Quinn from” lolIt could have such a tragic background. Powder’s transformation into Jinx and her relationship with her sister Vi kept us captivated in front of the screen with an intensity worthy of the best drama. We can’t wait for season two. We recommend reading our review of the series, that Guide to what to know if you haven’t played the video game it is based on and this article on her portrayal of mental illness.

Luisa Madrigal (charm)

The best movie, series and video game characters of 2021

The latest Disney film, the story of which is set in Colombia, is full of colorful and fun characters. Although the protagonist Mirabel is absolutely fantastic, we fell more in love with her sister Luisa. She is the muscle of the madrigal and has a fantastic design, but it was her song “Deep in it” that took her to another level. The suffering he has endured in silence for years and the metaphorical “weight” he has to carry for the good of the family is something many of us can identify with. Don’t forget to read our review of this wonderful film.

Peter ‘Star-Lord’ pen (Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy)

To our surprise, in this version of Peter Quill or Star-Lord, we find one of the best video game characters of 2021. This is a man who works hard to take responsibility and become the leader his team deserves. The way her relationship develops with the other Guardians – Rocket especially – and little Nicky touched our hearts. Plus, the game does a very good job of making us feel the weight of its decisions. As if that wasn’t enough, his dialogues are very funny. Here is our review of this amazing title.

There are others who were just outside our list of the best characters in movies, video games, series, and ‘anime’ of 2021. We can’t stay without mentioning Gabi Braun, from Shingeki not a kyojinwho taught us the complexities of observing a war from both sides. Agata Harkness “enchanted” us with her deceptions in WandaVision and Seong Gi-Hun made us feel the weight of capitalism in The squid game. Even though these are re-releases, we can’t help but mention the fantastic Kainé from. to mention NieR replicator and the terrifying Monica Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!.

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