The art of losing is not difficult to master

The work of Laia Martínez i López, born in Berga in 1984 and based in Mallorca since 2009, is associated with the body, lust and sex as the ultimate. However, this is superficial reading. The carnality of his verses plays a prominent role, which has been common in Catalan poetry in recent years, as it is shaped by currents such as deepening the poetics of the body, taboo sensuality or extreme morbidity. But there is much more to his writing. First a fruitful dialogue with other artistic disciplines: especially music and cinema. That is why the rhythm of his lyrics is as real as that of a poignant composition or that of a hacked montage. And then there is a proven interest in other cultures, other literatures, other languages. In fact, the poet is also a translator and recently won the Jaume Vidal Alcover Scholarship Award from the Tarragona Awards for her work with Marina Tsvetàieva, published by Edicions de 1984.

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