The alleged killer of the Lardero boy had 39 “no incident” permits before the third degree, which the prison objected to

The prisoner for the crime of a nine-year-old boy in the Riojan city of Lardero enjoyed 39 “uneventful” permits from 2013, when he had already served 15 years of his sentence for murder and sexual assault on the man who was known as. is known “Real estate crime” occurred in 1998 and another sexual assault in 1993as reported from prison sources by Europa Press.

In addition, the Treatment Commission of El Dueso Prison in Cantabria in 2020 The majority decided that it would be better for him to continue in the second stage or in ordinary therapybut turned to the Directorate Center of the General Secretariat of Prisons.

The body, which is dependent on the Ministry of the Interior, voted in favor of the Progression to the third degree or the open regime, taking into account his positive development in prison and his treatment and other aspects such as the fact that he was the three quarters of the penalty.

Previously penal institutions had delayed his transition to third grade by applying the “precautionary principle” by three years, And that although the inmate had served three quarters of the prison sentence in 2017, according to the prison sources mentioned.

Judge’s decision in April 2020

The decision of the General Secretariat of Prisons was approved two months later, in April 2020, by the judge of the La Rioja prison surveillance, since he was transferred from the El Dueso prison to that of Logroño. This judicial decision, favorable for his grade, was not challenged by the public prosecutor, who was granted parole.

The prison sources cited indicate that the Parole of Francisco Javier Almeida López de Castro, 54, It implied the surveillance that was applied in this type of case, based on the evaluation of the codes of conduct and efforts towards their social and professional reintegration.

The crime of the nine year old boy in Lardero has one severe shock because the author is a former prisoner who was sentenced to 30 years in prison for “real estate crimes”, then he killed an agent of a company he had met to inspect a house earlier. In addition, he was sentenced to an additional seven years in 1993 for a previous sexual assault. He was serving a cumulative 25-year sentence that would expire in full in 2023.

Lardero’s neighbors They have complained about witnessing previous episodes in which the man arrested for killing the nine-year-old boy last Thursday tried to deceive other minors. The organic unit of the criminal police of the Guardia Civil in La Rioja took over the investigation and searched the apartment of the arrested person before the conviction.

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