The actor leaves La Casa de Papel to go to a movie without clothes …

After a project as successful as La Casa de Papel really comes to an end, there is nothing better than rounding up some of the actors who have joined the Netflix series and trying to do other projects. And as such, here comes a new film with one of the main characters from La Casa de Papel with scenes in which we see him completely naked …

So we’re talking about none other than Miguel Herrán. That’s when the actor was selected to join a new project called Model 77. Where there will eventually be scenes in which we see him completely undressed. But what can we definitely expect from this new film and when will it have its premiere?

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The actor leaves La Casa de Papel to enter a film without clothes….

The film will therefore show none other than Miguel Herrán and Javier Gutiérrez with the production of the great Spanish director Alberto Rodríguez. It tells the story of two inmates incarcerated in a prison in Barcelona, ​​where one is detained while waiting for a trial that could keep him in prison for about 20 years. The other is responsible for organizing a major mutiny that will release all prisoners.

In this way the film gives us a better understanding of what life was like in this prison facility. We were able to find out that there is a certain freedom, but that is not even a bed of roses. And even less a place for boys …

Movie clothing

In short, what do you think of all of this? Do you think you will be successful in Modelo 77 after Miguel Herrán did such a good project as La Casa de Papel? My honest opinion is it doesn’t get too complicated and the film will be a huge hit. But let’s see what happens.

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