The 10 most anticipated games for Nintendo Switch in 2022

2021 was a pretty decent year for Nintendo. It wasn’t just his Switch console that received credit for Game of the year in El Poporo de Oro to name Metroid horror. But franchises like Pokémon Snap, Mario Golf, Mario party Yes WarioWare they returned with some of their best representatives on the hybrid machine.

It should be clarified that while in this list we mention 10 of the most anticipated games for Nintendo Switch in 2022, we are talking about the announcements we know about. There are usually unexpected releases throughout the year, or with less waiting time after their reveal. This could include Nintendo games like Triple A from other studios.

These are the games that you should consider to prepare your bags, some of which are mandatory for a Switch owner.

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, players get to know the vast Hisui region. It’s about the sense of the past, long before all the familiar landscapes and cities that were in Pokémon diamond / Pearl (and their ‘remakes’ for Switch) existed. The trainers will embark on their adventure to create the first Pokédex in this region, which is filled with lush nature with the mighty Mount Corona as its centerpiece.

Nothing like the Sinnoh that we all know. Not even to other main games by Pokémon. This will officially be the franchise’s first open world that focuses on catching wild Pokémon and battling stately Pokémon. May Arceus join us with its presence on Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Triangle strategy (4th of March)

It looks like the art of Octopath traveler, moves in 2D HD like Octopath traveler, has the same font in the title but is not by the same developers as Octopath travelerwhere Artdink (Indent) instead of this. This new proposal from Square Enix is ​​a similar product, but not directly related to the fabulous 2018 JRPG.

Produced by Tomoya Asano (Brave standard), Triangle strategy It enjoys isometric mappings and the turn-based tactical strategy genre. It is inevitable not to understand the comparisons with Final Fantasy Tacticsas in its day that of FFVI With Octopath traveler.

Why does a chocobo need wheels to compete in races? We do not know. A long time ago, different personalities from all over the world met on the PlayStation console Final Fantasy Competitions in the style of. play Mario kart 64, Diddy Kong racing Yes Crash team racing, the most popular of its time. A decade back to the present, there were also plans to release a sequel titled “Chocobo Racing 3D” for the 3DS laptop, but it was canceled by Square Enix.

Now it’s official that Chocobo and his combo are returning to the racetracks with new settings, characters and vehicles. A fair break too Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in the case of Nintendo Switch and with all the flavor that only Final Fantasy can give. At least during a «Mario kart 9«.

HAL Laboratory’s power-guzzling pink ball doesn’t stop pulling games. However, this new edition promises to be special for Nintendo Switch as it advances after its distant foray into the 3D platform genre Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. The big difference is that Kirby jumps into an open world in an unknown civilization that is pretty modern for what can be seen in other parts. Except for Planet robot.

In a way, it’s the equivalent of Super Mario Odyssey for Kirby. Or at least it is what we can treasure in its post-apocalyptic setting that jokingly reminds us of it The last of us with all of the growing vegetation over the city. An interesting proposition for Nintendo Switch in 2022.

If there was one Intelligent Systems franchise screaming to return, it was it Advance wars. The great success of Fire sign He rose from the ashes and tossed his turn-based tactical strategy colleague into oblivion. Fortunately, E3 2021 was the place that surprised fans of Advance wars, with the announcement of these ‘remakes’ of the two games for the Game Boy Advance in the same package.

WayForward is the great studio responsible for renewing this saga on Nintendo Switch. The start was planned for last December. But it doesn’t mind its displacement as long as it is supposed to add a higher quality than the original titles already displayed.

The continuation of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Broaden your horizons with new characters and multi-world settings. Mario, Luigi, Peach and their versions of Rabbids are still active in this galactic adventure. You will be assisted by a Rosalina-inspired Rabbid to fight a powerful cosmic force called Cursa.

Our respective protagonists will travel from planet to planet in a spaceship. Fortunately, they will also have the company and help of the Sparks, a merger of the Lumas with the Rabbids. References to Super mario galaxy are the order of the day, we do not rule out Bowser’s involvement.

Splatoon 3 (indefinite date)

Although there is an active sequel to the Wii U game on Switch, Splatoon 3 is preparing its paint guns and tentacles for Nintendo Switch in 2022 in a post-apocalyptic setting so it can be seen in its first trailer.

Visually, there isn’t a very drastic change (as honestly isn’t stated between the Wii U and Switch), but this third part promises new weapons like a bow and improvements over other already traditional ones. We wouldn’t believe the fan base of Splatoon it’s so high, but it’s a modern IP that has done very well. The fact that they are aiming for a third game in six years is more than commendable.

Hideki Kamiya longed for the unveiling of a new trailer for Bayonetta 3so much so that many thought of a development with problems. Those doubts were allayed during a Nintendo Direct that saw the Umbra Witch return with a new outfit and hairstyle. But there’s something strange about this new Bayonetta because it looks more like a grown-up version of Cereza (who is supposed to be Bayonetta girls) and the mystery of the original Bayonetta is growing.

The usual follows, an invasion of angels, battles against demons and unfounded alliances, but the main theme is whether we will control a new protagonist in this third part. Or maybe two versions of Bayonetta, why not.

This second edition of Breath of the wild, Switch’s first exclusive, has a monumental task ahead of it. The original game was one of the most revolutionary in the industry as it achieved something in open worlds that others hadn’t: greater interactivity. Vegetation and wood that catches fire, fully scalable mountains, complete freedom of exploration with no invisible walls … it’s very satisfying.

Take notes from Skyward sword, the sequel will take us back to the skies of Hyrule in a first vertical exploration. Among the new playable items is an accessory on Link’s arm to control the flow of time. The rest are a well-kept secret by Nintendo, but we trust they can surprise us again like 2017. Maybe Nintendo Switch will see it by the end of this year 2022.

Given the good year of Metroid horror and the stellar return of the beautiful bounty hunter Samus Aran in its fifth canonical episode, it is possible that 2022 will be a year of calm as Retro Studios is the “redevelopment” of. continues Metroid Prime 4. In January 2019, Kensuke Tanabe’s team was replaced by the studio that brought the trilogy to life. Prime. Tanabe continues to lead the production.

In the original concept Metroid Prime 4 it would be a first-person adventure closer to the first game in this “spin-off” series. A new story that would connect the universe Prime and it would lead him in new directions. We don’t know if they will continue down this path, most likely it will be the strong card for 2023, but we are including the game on this list because it is impossible to deny.

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