TEST DGT | What does this sign mean?

TEST DGT | What does this sign mean?

A Well theoretical and practical training it is the key to safe driving on any type of road. To test experienced drivers and users who are acquiring a driver’s license, General Directorate for Transport (DGT)General Directorate for Transport (DGT) publishes regularly on its website free testsfree tests, with a total of 15 questions that could perfectly appear in an official driving theory test. Nevertheless, The DGT has also started posting some multiple choice questions on its official Twitter profile.; an initiative designed to test motorists’ knowledge and review some concepts or road signs that are likely to have been forgotten over time. This is the last multiple choice question the DGT posted on Twitter. Can you answer it?

To begin with, you should know that the triangular shape of the sign with the base down and the tip up indicates that we are before a. stand Hazard warning signs. Signs of this type have a red border, a white background, and a black symbol; In the case of illuminated signs, however, the symbols can be illuminated in white on a dark, non-luminous background.

The main purpose of hazard warning signs is to inform road users of the proximity and type of danger that can hardly be noticed in timeas long as the relevant standards of conduct are observed. So that the effectiveness of these signals is maximal, be set up at a sufficient distance from the dangerwhich varies depending on the speed to be developed by the vehicles. This means that the sign is placed at a greater distance on motorways than on conventional roads because it circulates more quickly; On conventional roads, the signal is placed at a greater distance than on city roads.

With all of this in mind, if your answer to the DGT question was: Option a, You’re right. The sign in the photo is called Signal P-16.a, shows Danger from steep descent. This sign warns of dangers due to a section of road with a steep gradient and the number displayed indicates the gradient in percent.

If you had any doubts between answers A and B, this is normal as the signal of both options is very similar. Next we will show you what the signal of option B looks like, called Signal P-16.b. Unlike the above sign, this warns of dangers, as there is a section of the route with a steep incline. To quickly distinguish them and not get confused You need to remember that the number 10 is a car and the% symbol is its headlights so that you can easily and clearly see whether the slope is down or up.

Finally, remember that if you see a warning sign of danger Focus all of your attention and slow down when circumstances require.

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