Tesla: Drivers run out of cars due to server failure!

Smart cars have these things. In the past, we only needed the good old key to get into vehicles. Nowadays everything is more complex with some cars. The problem is that there is only one technical glitch to literally leave users at the door. This is exactly what happened to the Tesla due to a server error.

Tesla: Drivers run out of cars due to server failure!

It was around 9 p.m. last night when Tesla drivers noticed the app gave an error of 500 when they tried to communicate with the vehicle. For this reason, it is no longer possible to enter the car via the app. The wrong location was also displayed.

Tesla bug

This problem affected many parts of the world, with most reports arriving from the United States, Korea, and Europe.

Although some Tesla can be unlocked with a smartphone via Bluetooth, keycard or key, other models have to be opened using an app.

Some people even screw up the door by trying other ways to open it.

Somewhat later Elon Musk, Tesla’s boss, claimed that an accidental spike in traffic caused this problem and that the servers came back online.

Tesla bug

However, since we were talking about connectivity, I knew Tesla would bring cars to the market without USB ports. Do you know why? Short answer? Lack of chips! Long answer? Tesla decided to launch several Model 3 and Model Y without the USB ports mentioned above as it doesn’t have enough chips to keep it working and it’s tired of stocking cars that are almost finished and these parts are missing.

Tesla launches cars without USB ports. Do you know why?

Tesla bug

Therefore, the shortage of semiconductors continues to be felt in the automotive world. A phenomenon that has also begun to significantly influence Tesla, namely in the lower ranges (Model 3 and Model Y) that are now falling into the hands of consumers without the usual USB-A or USB-C ports that we see so often. electronic device.

All in all, this “problem” doesn’t seem to affect Tesla until November 11 with the latest shipments of the above models. With drivers reaching out to Reddit to speak a little about their concerns about the situation. After all, not only are the dashboard and the rear USB-C ports missing, the wireless charging module for the smartphone is also sometimes missing or it just doesn’t work.

Okay … but is it really that serious? Yes … Because Tesla didn’t warn anyone!

In other words, whoever got the car, who probably had to wait longer than usual, got their new EV, without USB ports, and of course without any prior warning from the brand. However, Tesla has already made it public that USB ports can be installed subsequently at no cost. But it’s bad for the brand not to say anything to its loyal consumers.

Interestingly, Tesla isn’t the only brand suffering from the lack of chips, as BMW also had to launch some models with limited functionality, such as the center console’s touch functionality.

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