Ted Cruz says Dan Rather was “fired for lying” after Anker tore up the court that halted Biden’s vaccination mandate

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz targeted veteran journalist Dan Rather on Saturday and sent a caustic message after the journalist beat up a federal court for delaying a suspension of President Joe Biden’s comprehensive vaccine order.

It was just hours after the Fifth District Court of Appeals ruled that the president’s mandate was “surprisingly too extensive” for private companies with 100 or more employees and upheld an emergency order that halted its implementation.

Former CBS News anchor Pretty shared an article in the Washington Post on Twitter entitled “Federal Court of Appeals Halts Biden Administration’s Vaccine Requests and Deals a Big Blow to Politics.”

‘Hey. Let me correct this heading for you, ”Rather wrote.

Instead, he suggested, “The federal appeals court halts important public health actions that are seriously damaging the safety and well-being of the nation.”

The next day, Cruz, who often uses his Twitter to shout out political opponents with scorching stitches, replied to Rather’s tweet with: “Hey. Let me correct that headline for you. ‘

“The Federal Court of Appeals confirms the rule of law. Left newscaster fired on chronic lying complaints that the Constitution remains in effect, ”wrote Cruz.

Ted Cruz targeted veteran journalist Dan Rather (right) after attacking the court that stopped Biden’s vaccine mandate

His long, award-winning career included a 24-year tenure as host of the CBS Evening News, but was plagued by allegations of partisanship stemming from his coverage of the Nixon administration.

The 90-year-old retired from CBS in 2005 after a scandal that resulted in one of his top producers being fired and three others forced to resign.

In 2004, Pretty aired a report on George W. Bush’s time in the Texas Air National Guard, based on a series of alleged memos depicting his military service in a highly critical light.

After the memos were posted online, a number of Internet detectives and the Bush administration claimed that the documents used were forged.

CBS withdrew the story after it was discovered that the source of the memos had misled the network.

At the time he said, “If I had known then what I know now, I would not have followed up on the story of how it was aired,” although he told Larry King three years later that “no one has proven it to be fraudulent was”.

Her spit came when Pretty accused the 5th District Court of Appeals of inflicting a “blow” on US security

He filed a lawsuit against CBS and its parent company Viacom in 2007, but a judge dismissed it.

Years after the incident, he told interviewer Bill Maher that he was fired for reporting that Bush went AWOL during his military service.

But at the weekend, Cruz wasn’t the only Texas Republican celebrating Biden’s setback.

The Texas attorney general, one of the attorneys general who asked the court for the emergency measure, tweeted, “WE WON!” After the verdict was pronounced.

“The litigation continues, but this is a massive win for #Texas and for FREEDOM from Biden’s tyranny and lawlessness,” the official account for Ken Paxton’s office tweeted.

Governor Greg Abbott called the court’s decision “excellent news”.

“The federal appeals court that covers Texas ruled tonight blocking Biden’s corporate COVID vaccine mandate,” wrote Abbott.

COVID-19 cases in the US have decreased after a summer surge, but still affect parts of the country with low vaccination rates

‘Employees don’t have to choose between job and job.’

In September, Biden announced a series of vaccine orders that will cover about a third of the total US workforce.

He instructed the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to issue a rule for companies with 100 or more employers to ensure that their employees were on duty by April 4th.

At least 27 states filed lawsuits in at least six federal appeals courts after OSHA published its rules on Nov. 4.

The federal government said in its court records on Monday that the cases should be consolidated and that one of the district courts that have been challenged will be closed on Jan.

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