(Essay) Hyundai Tucson HEV – Much more than a new design!

Hyundai is an automobile manufacturer who doesn’t like to sit around idly. Especially when the market is going through such an important development as we are currently experiencing, such as the current global commitment to electrification. This time, however, we have the new and revised Hyundai Tucson HEV in our hands. A very interesting SUV … Read more

Chrome 93: How to enable the Hidden Secrets in the final version

Google released the final version of Chrome 93 and it’s definitely worth updating. We have some design elements from Material You, new flags for testing, better cross-platform communication on OTP codes, progressive app improvements, and much more. In fact, it’s really worth making the switch to Chrome 93. Chrome 93: How to enable the Hidden … Read more

How to sync Google Calendar events with Slack

The slap (Android | iOS | network) is one of the most widely used apps in the corporate environment, especially given the pandemic, as a platform that facilitates communication between employees of the same company and even between other companies. In addition, it can be integrated with your Google Calendar via a plugin that helps … Read more

How to change your Discord profile picture

The discord (Android | iOS | Linux | Mac | window | network) is a chat platform that competes with Skype and other similar services. This makes it possible to exchange text, audio and video messages. With a very fluid and intuitive user interface, Discord offers numerous features and functions. By the way, under the … Read more

Best Games to Make Money (Android and iOS)

The mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto wrote an article about electronic coins in 2008. Shortly after the creation of Bitcoin, the virtual currency best known to the public, and in a little over a decade, this new form of currency has grown in value and strength in the financial scene. You Blockchain gamesUsing the same technology as … Read more

How to access the Nubank extract

The Nubank (Android | iOS) offers its users many functions without bureaucracy. And although there is no button to access your bank statement directly, it is not difficult to request and you will receive the document with the history in a few minutes. Settlement is useful for seeing your transactions, in which establishments and what … Read more

TiendaNube, the new unicorn valued at over $ 3 billion

Insight Partners and Tiger Global Management are two of the mutual funds that decided to bet on the company’s expansion, hoping to enter the Coolombian market this year and Chile and Peru in 2022.“With this new investment, we will reinforce our mission to remove barriers to entrepreneurship across Latin America and ensure that every company … Read more

What is Vultur malware and how do you remove it?

First discovered in mid-2021, Vultur is a very dangerous malware that has infested many cell phones around the world. The threat is focused on devices running the Android operating system and primarily aims to access digital payment services, cryptocurrency wallets and social networks in order to steal victims and spread to other destinations. According to … Read more