TaskbarXI: transform the Windows 11 bar into macOS!

Microsoft made changes to the Windows 11 Start menu and toolbar, but not everyone is happy with the results. In this case there are a few solutions. Stardock, for example, has a tool that will replace the new Start menu with something that we were entitled to in Windows 7 or Windows 10. But now there is another tool that you can use to customize the familiar toolbar.

TaskbarXI: transform the Windows 11 bar into macOS!

TaskbarXI is a new application that expands the Windows 11 taskbar with new customization options and is practically the successor to the TaskbarX tool available for Windows 10. That means it doesn’t even have a graphical interface. But it works. The main feature right now is the ability to shrink the taskbar to a more compact dock that is very similar to macOS and iPadOS.

However, this tool supports multiple monitors, scales DPI separately, and divides the taskbar into a left and right part. However, it will soon be possible to change the background and color of the taskbar. We’ll also have a graphical user interface to make all of these changes.

Anyone who wants to try TaskbarXI can download the latest version from GitHub. However, the current version is more for testing. That said, you’ll need to use Task Manager to crash TaskbarXI and restart Windows Explorer for the changes to take effect.

In fact, there are more and more applications that allow us to interact with the Windows 11 system tray.

For example, the Windows 11 drag and drop app to the taskbar (fix) solves the problem and adds this functionality.

It is active in the background and has a big advantage!

It doesn’t change any registry keys. In fact, you can only change one, but only if we choose to start automatically. In addition, it does not inject DLLs into other processes. In other words, it turns out to be a very isolated, secure, and portable solution.

The program recognizes whether we press the right or left mouse button and checks which application the mouse has over it. If the cursor stays in the same area for a certain number of milliseconds, it simulates the Win + T combination and the arrows to restore the desired window. All of this is done by a rather complicated method. However, we did not notice anything. This application supports multiple screens, autostart and has many configuration options. Now, if you want to install it, you know it’s available here.

The taskbar was a topic that was talked about a lot in Windows 11. This is because Microsoft made many important features disappear. Moving the bar from the bottom up or sideways is still the same as the other. Now removing some features like the one resolved by this application was without a doubt a huge mistake.

Of course, many people get used to the lack of these features. For others, however, change is complicated.

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