Take advantage of this temporary list of promo codes

You play Roblox frequent and looking for more clothes for your avatar without spending any money? If yes, you can take advantage of itsome temporary promotional codes that allow you to access a list of seven items of clothing, Accessories and pets that you can find in each mini-game of. can carry Roblox.

The codes must be exchanged as soon as possible as it is not known until what date they will remain in effect. Everyone shares a specific item for inventory and you can find it below:

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How do I redeem the codes for my Roblox avatar?

Roblox codes

The process of redeeming the codes is very simple. All you have to do is simply access this link on the page of Roblox. They are written here and if they are still valid, give them a green thumbs up and the item will appear in the inventory.

In order to apply the new elements, the player must enter their profile in the button in the upper right corner of the screen. Once there, you have to select one of the items that you have or that appear in your «Collection». A detailed view of the object is then displayed, but you have to push a button that appears on the right, similar to a person with a circle around their feet.

At this point you get to the avatar editor. You simply select the items that you want to take with you. If you’re already playing you’ll need to enter Options and Restart Character for the changes to take effect. However, this creates a death and reappearance of the character, something not comfortable if, for example, you have already advanced on an obstacle course (obby). In such a case, you can wait for the activity to complete.

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