Subaru Solterra 2023: The Manufacturer’s First 100% Electric Manufacturer!

The car market is currently subject to very strong changes, namely with the introduction of electrification. That way, companies actually struggle not to sit back and ensure that they don’t lag behind their competitors in this marketplace.

That said, this time around we have the official reveal of Subaru’s first 100% electric, the Solterra 2023!

This EV crossover doesn’t have an official start date yet, but it appears that it will arrive between late 2022 and early 2023. However, there is no information about the prices yet.

But taking into account the various competitors on the market, the price should be around 40,000 euros.

Subaru Solterra 2023!

Subaru Solterra 2023

Let’s get to the numbers!

Well, here we have an electric SUV that can offer all-wheel drive with the brand’s system already in use, the X-Mode. However, here we have the use of two electric motors from 107 hp. One mounted on the front axle and the other on the rear axle of the car, so in total we have more than 214 hp accompanied by power 334 Nm torque.

Those are numbers that are not impressive in a dramatic or athletic sense. However, we are talking about a 100% electric motor and in my experience the instant responsiveness of this type of motor is surprising with a balance between power and efficiency on the road.

Subaru Solterra 2023

Now we come to the most important point, autonomy! Therefore, the Subaru Solterra 2023 is equipped with a battery that is capable 71.4 kWhthat is guaranteed up to 354 km per charge.

Subaru Solterra 2023

Inside, we can count on a 12.3-inch screen for the entertainment system and many technologies. Such as 360 ° cameras, collision warning, blind spot monitoring, wireless charging and more.

In short, this is another 100% electric SUV reaching a market that is always full of offerings in that regard. So does the Subaru Solterra have what it takes to compete head-to-head against weighty competitors like the VW ID.3?

What do you think of that? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


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