Strictly Come Dancing’s Nikita and Tilly explain what went wrong when the lowest-scoring couple on the series revealed 2021

Strictly Come Dancing’s Tilly Ramsay and Nikita Kuzmin were grilled by Rylan Clark on Tuesday about what went wrong and how the pair ended up in the bottom two dance-offs on Saturday night.

Top star Tilly Ramsay, 20, appeared on It Takes Two’s sofa Tuesday night to discuss her fight with the bottom two with Adam Peaty along with dance partner Nikita Kuzmin.

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In Tilly and Nikita’s interview with Rylan Clark, the presenter examined how the couple fell back on the bottom two before being chosen by three of the four judges.

Tilly said to Rylan, “I felt great in this beautiful dress and I had a really tough week tango, it just didn’t click, I tried so hard, but it was tough.

“I really enjoyed the performance, went out and kept my face the whole time. I really enjoyed dancing it and especially dancing with Nikita.

Tilly and Nikita explained what went wrong on Strictly It Takes Two
Tilly and Nikita explained what went wrong on Strictly It Takes Two

“The first moment is a bit like, wow, okay, you have to do that, but then it’s kind of a fight or flight.

“It’s like this could be my last dance, I freaked out for a few minutes and Nikita said, just calm down, we dance better when we’re calm and guess what, I was actually less nervous?” in the dance-off than in the show on Saturday night, which is really strange. “

Rylan called Nikita Mr Whiplash about his grueling workout and revealed that he lets Tilly dance alone.

“She has to know how to move on the dance floor, she has to know all the steps that make her a better dancer, and I think you can really see it,” said Nikita.

He added: “We’re still grateful, it’s still a great result, we’ll keep fighting and doing better.”

Tilly and Nikita are optimistic about the next week - but the pair are among the worst scorers in the series
Tilly and Nikita are optimistic about the next week – but the pair are among the worst scorers in the series

Tilly then revealed that the two were trying to use the experience to move them forward – and talked about measuring themselves against Adam Peaty.

She said, “It’s good to fight for something, it’s good to prove that I still deserve to be in this competition and fight for a better score, and I’m just so grateful that I was another one here. ” Week.

“It’s definitely bittersweet because Adam went home. You want to celebrate, but you don’t.

“The support has been overwhelming and comments like this can be seen [messages of support] really cemented the desire to get even better, to work even harder and hopefully have many more weeks. “

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Nikita Kuzmin is a Ukrainian dancer. In 2020 Kuzmin became a professional dancer with Let’s Dance and in 2021 he joined Strictly Come Dancing as a new professional.

Nikita comes from a very diverse range of backgrounds and lived in Kiev, Ukraine until the age of 9 before his family moved to Italy. He has lived in Frankfurt, Germany since he was 18 – he is now 23 years old.

Nikita also surprised Tilly on Monday for her 20th birthday – with flowers and cake.

“I had a nice day, Nikita came in with flowers and a donut cake,” said Tilly.

She had previously posted on Instagram: “The best way to start a Monday,” wrote Tilly and posted a snapshot of her delightful surprise. “Thank you @nikita_kuzmin”.

But it’s bad news for Tilly Ramsay and Nikita and three other couples who are in the lower half of the total at halftime of the series.

Currently, Tilly and Nikita top the bottom half of the table, but she and three other couples are the four worst-scoring couples overall in the first half of the 2021 streak, out of the couples that remain in the competition.

The total score shows Dan Walker and Nadiya Bychkova are at the very bottom – news that won’t please stunned fans who thought Dan should have gone home – and McFly star Tom Fletcher and partner Amy Dowden don’t fare much in second place better, even though you did one less dance after missing a week because of Covid.

The third from last are Sara and Aljaz. Rhys and Nancy aren’t in the bottom four for the score, even though the couple have already been in the dance on that series.

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