Stephen Perry pays tribute to Sidney Poitier

Stephen Perry paid tribute to his “adoptive father” Sidney Poitier.

Honors flood Sidney Poitier

Honors flood Sidney Poitier

The 73-year-old actor played alongside the late Hollywood legend – who died on Thursday (January 6th, 21) at the age of 94 – when he was just 12 years old in “A Raisin in the Sun” from 1961 and remembered remember, as Sidney always did, “take care” of him in the early days of his career.

Stephen – who played Sydney’s son on the big screen in A Raisin in the Sun – said, “Hey [had quite a sense of humour]. He made me comfortable with his humor and warmth. I felt hugged, I felt his arm around my shoulder. I’ve always felt part of the cast.

“Just an absolute professional. I was a kid, there were a number of people who came before me and Sidney made me feel welcome in that group of people. I was the new kid on the cast too, so for him to hug me the way he did I certainly knew I was the new kid. You made me feel welcome. “

Describing their relationship as a father-son relationship, he added on Entertainment Tonight, “Well, little old for a father now, but growing up it was certainly a father-son relationship. He and Sammy Davis Jr. took care of me, they made me comfortable. We’re talking 60 years ago and they were two of the biggest stars, black stars in Hollywood, and they both took me as their adoptive sons. “

Stephen remembered that he and Sidney were the only black actors in the film and told how his co-star would hug his “brother,” a man who shined shoes in the Hollywood studio.

He said, “When I was working with him, the only black people on the premises were our cast and the shoeshine, and I remember him tipping the shoeshine and hugging that person.

“I was a little boy and I could tell that we are the only black people here. And Poitier, he hasn’t forgotten the man who shined shoes when we walked through the parking lot. But Poitier realized that the shoeshine boy was his brother, his humanity. “

Another of the legendary actor’s former co-stars, Lulu Kennedy-Cairns, who made her film debut in 1967 in her drama “To Sir, with Love,” also paid a touching tribute.

She shared a photo of the couple in the film and wrote on Instagram: “Sidney, you were my friend, my teacher, my inspiration…. “Sir rises above the fray and sets a good example” … this is how you have lived your life. You have empowered and educated us, can we choose to follow your example (sic) “

Sidney’s death was confirmed by the Bahamas Secretary of State Fred Mitchell on Friday (1/7/22).

Fred said, “We have lost a great Bahamian and I have lost a personal friend.”

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