Starbucks Reveals Christmas Drinks and Mugs for 2021

Get ready to decorate the halls and ring a few bells as Starbucks officially starts the holiday season with the release of its famous festive mugs.

The coffee giant unveiled a sneak peek at this year’s Christmas designs on Wednesday morning, revealing that the seasonal mugs will be available on March 4th.

According to the Seattle-based company, each of this year’s four Christmas mug designs were inspired by a different aspect of the Christmas season: wrapping paper, ribbons, Christmas lights, and candy canes.

This year, too, the brand has given its red cups a cheerful, festive touch in the form of purple glitter, which has been incorporated into each design in a different way.

Ring the doorbell! Starbucks has unveiled its new Christmas mugs for 2021, revealing that the designs will be available in stores from Thursday, along with the chain’s festive menu

Thank you very much! This year’s Christmas mugs feature funky purple glitters on each design, all inspired by a different aspect of the festive season

Love letter: The mugs also have a gift tag on the back so customers can write a festive message to a loved one

“With shimmering ribbons, a splash of color and a touch of stars – Starbucks Christmas mugs in four different designs are packaged like Christmas presents,” says a statement from the brand.

“This year’s theme includes festive colors in red, green and white with playful purple accents. And each mug has a gift tag on the back, perfect for sharing a happy greeting with a friend or loved one. ‘

The ribbon mug is designed to ‘conjure up a familiar moment of the season when ribbons in white and iridescent lilac playfully dance against a field of red glitter, as if you’ve just wrapped presents for friends and family’.

The wrapping paper cup was inspired by “a perfectly wrapped present” and features “a colorful geometric pattern of circles, glitter and grains of glitter in the characteristic colors of the season”.

Starbucks describes the candy cane cup as “as tasty as a peppermint mocha … with sweet stripes in green, white and lilac” alternating with the brand name.

After all, the Christmas light cup is supposed to represent “stars on a clear winter night” with “twinkling Christmas lights” that “peek out between a swirl of ribbons and a jumble of bold, graphic letters that spell out“ Starbucks ””.

Something new: In addition to the launch of its new festive cup designs, Starbucks also announced the release of its first dairy-free vacation drink, the Almond Milk Latte

Glitz: A mug is inspired by wrapping paper and features a geometric circle design, glitter, and a glitter grain

Make your choice: the candy cane (left) and wrapping paper (right) designs both bear the Starbucks name in different ways

Packing up: The ribbon design now has white and purple glitter ribbons on the classic red background

There is also a gift tag on the back of the four mugs where customers can write a message to a loved one or simply add their name.

Sweet treat: In addition to its new cups and the dairy-free Christmas drink, Starbucks is launching a new cake pop in the shape of a reindeer

“Starbucks red mugs are a portal to the joy of vacation,” said Suzie Reecer, Starbucks Associate Creative Director, of the new designs.

“Every time you hold the trophy, we hope that it just fills you with the excitement of the season and gets back in touch with friends and family.

“This vacation should feel magical, we wanted it to be warm and we wanted it to be inclusive. Our goal was to really bring joy to every customer and partner. ‘

Starbucks’ latest Christmas drink was inspired by German Christmas cookies called spritz, which are supposed to “melt in your mouth”.

While all of Starbucks’ classic Christmas beverages can be made with a dairy-free alternative, the new drink – inspired by freshly baked Christmas cookies – is the first that the chain launched specifically with a dairy-free milk.

Celebration! Social media users were quick to express their excitement over the return of the red Christmas mugs

“These slightly sweet, melt-in-the-mouth treats are the inspiration for Starbucks’ newest Christmas drink, Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte,” said the coffee chain of their latest drink.

“The dairy-free ice drink is made from sugar-biscuit-flavored syrup, combined with Starbucks Blonde Espresso, almond milk and topped with red and green biscuit sprinkles. It’s just as deliciously hot, with steamed almond milk and a head of foam with sprinkles. ‘

In addition to the new drink, Starbucks is also bringing back many of its classic Christmas offerings, including peppermint mocha, caramel brlée latte, chestnut praline latte, toasted white chocolate mocha, and Irish cream cold brew.

In addition to the festive cups and drinks, Starbucks is also bringing a bit of Christmas cheer to its menu with the introduction of a new reindeer-shaped cake pop, which will be available on Thursday along with other old favorites such as sugar plum cheese .

The news of Starbucks’ launch for the 2021 Holidays was received with great excitement on social media, where several users quickly expressed their delight at the return of the chain’s festive mugs.

‘The red Starbucks cups are back tomorrow!’ one person celebrated on Twitter while another added, “Can’t lie, I’m so excited about the Starbucks Christmas mugs and Christmas coffee coming out tomorrow!”

Sneak in there! Starbucks’ Christmas announcement comes a day after its rival Dunkin unveiled its own festive mugs and drinks

But while the launch in early November may appear earlier in the year to bring out a holiday menu, Starbucks’ festive announcement actually comes a day later than that of coffee chain rival Dunkin, which is launching its own Christmas assortment in stores today Has.

Like Starbucks, Dunkin revealed four Christmas mug designs when it shared the news of its festive offerings on Tuesday after beating its rival over drink punch.

The chain’s classic white mugs will get four festive twists this year: a snow globe, Christmas lights, wrapping paper, and candy cane strips, all of which have been incorporated into the Dunkin logo.

Dunkin is also launching three new Christmas beverages to celebrate the holiday season: Christmas coffee, a toasted white chocolate latte, and a hot hot chocolate made of white mocha, while it’s also bringing back its own peppermint mocha latte.

“The holidays are officially prepared at Dunkin with a new Holiday Blend Coffee, a new Toasted White Chocolate Signature Latte, a new White Mocha Hot Chocolate and a returning Peppermint Mocha Signature Latte,” the coffee company said in a statement.

“For a limited time, Dunkin guests can sip their seasonal beverage in the new festive mugs that showcase the simple, perfectly imperfect joys of the vacation – candy crumbs, tangled lights, a glance at gifts, or just shaking the logo – for sheer indulgence to enjoy the little vacation moments with the people who matter most. ‘

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