SSDs: Samsung is increasing prices! while others download

2021 was a year marked by a deep crisis in chip production, but prices in the SSD storage market remained stable. In some cases they have even dropped significantly in price.

However, according to DigiTimes, the South Korean giant Samsung is now planning a price increase for its entire range of SSDs. A strange plan as it contradicts the current market trend, which points to a decline in the price over the course of 2022.

SSDs: Samsung is increasing prices! while others download

increase prices

So this information is interesting because at this stage of the championship it is expected that SSD manufacturers will generally lower their prices by more or less 10%! All due to an abrupt drop in demand.

However, this turns out to be extremely strange as Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of flash NAND chips. In addition, it is completely independent in the production of SSDs, because in addition to the memory chips (NAND) it is also responsible for the memory controllers of its products. This is exactly why Samsung is one of the biggest names in the industry.

In fact, not only is it independent, but it is also a manufacturer responsible for multiple lines of products, with the laws of economies of scale having a great influence, of course. Hence, it is extremely strange to see prices rise when Samsung designs, manufactures and markets its own product. This while other manufacturers have to buy essential components from external companies (such as Samsung) and still have a more attractive end product price.

However, all of this could be a consequence of the COVID-19 resurgence in Chinese territory as some Samsung factories have been partially closed. Factories, which in turn are responsible for 40% of the production of NAND chips in the Samsung Group, which means 7% of the total production worldwide.

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