Squid Game: Man sentenced to death and another to life imprisonment!

Squid Game is capable of the greatest achievements around the world. In fact, the Korean series was and still is really insane. In fact, it’s been several weeks since I hit Netflix and for one reason or another it’s still the order of the day. Now one man has been sentenced to death for Squid Game and another to life imprisonment.

Squid Game: Man sentenced to death and another to life imprisonment!

This happened in North Korea. A man decided to distribute copies of the series in this country, and the price was what he least expected. An encounter with the firing squad. But there are more penalties for those who just watched the series.

One student was sentenced to life in prison for buying a flash drive containing the series. Another six received five years in prison for seeing them. However, some school principals who learned of the situation were expelled and even sent to remote mines as punishment.

It all started when a student bought a flash drive containing the series and saw it with a friend in class. So the information spread and other people had access to the USB stick. The problem is that someone filed a complaint and so did the sensors.

Laws in North Korea hurt

Viewing, owning, or distributing content from other countries, particularly the United States and South Korea, may give you the death penalty.

It is now known that the government takes this issue very seriously and is trying to find all those responsible.

The authorities are now scouring the markets for data carriers and CDs: Anyone who sells them will be severely punished, regardless of their size.

Squid Game is Netflix’s largest series release to date. The South Korean survival drama, which premiered on September 17, last reached 111 million views on Netflix. A great success!

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