Squid Game: Fantastic Video Reveals What Is True Or False!

We must all agree on one thing. Squid Game is a great series indeed and on par with some of the greatest productions in the world. While in many cases it goes unnoticed, it’s actually loaded with various special effects and that’s really the beauty of it. They have been implemented so well that in many cases we cannot see what is real and what is computer generated. There are just a lot of details that look like real scenarios and actually aren’t. Fortunately, we can now find out what is true or false thanks to the new Squid Game video that hit the internet.

Squid Game Video

Squid Game: Fantastic Video Reveals What Is True Or False!

It was the person in charge of the special effects, Hyungrok Kim, who showed what is reality and what is not in the series and the result is really impressive.

We were sure that some things were computer generated. But we couldn’t imagine others.

In fact, it is very interesting to see how the graphics effects reach this level. It is practically impossible at this moment to tell the true from the false.

However, if this video is more or less official then there is another unofficial video that scares the users.

When looking at the pictures, the thought occurs to us that this is just a video with some scenes from the first episode. But in reality there is much more to it than that. So that we don’t spoil the effect of the video, we’ll show it first and then explain what it’s about.

In fact, if we think people are going to be crushed by the doll and nothing else, it starts to get off the screen and frighten us bravely.

It turns out to have some similarities with the movie The Ring.

Squid Game Video

However, this content was not developed by Netflix, but by a designer named Jake Fellman. He’s played with several Squid Game games, but with some very interesting details that they mix with some horror movies.

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