Square Enix President Shows Interest in NFTs

2021 had barely started when the “gamers” got the first bad news of the year. Despite the growing and well-deserved negativity that NFTs technology is receiving, Square Enix is ​​showing an interest in implementing it in its games.

If you don’t know what NFTs are or why they are so bad for video games, We encourage you to follow this link.

In a New Year’s letter that takes up minimal space to actually wish the New Year out, Yosuke Matsuda – President of Square Enix – explains that terms like “Metaverse”, “NFTs” and “Blockchain” are becoming increasingly popular and you should watch out for them should and leave the door open to adopt them.

The letter is full of excuses trying to justify interest in these technologies despite the strong disapproval from gamers. He even says that while most players “play for fun” there are some who “play to contribute to their products” and “deserve incentives”.

Square Enix President shows interest in NFTs and is criticized for it

Any excuses Matsuda made in his letter to the other members of Square Enix to justify the NFTs have been discredited by technology experts and video game developers themselves. Most likely, he or his investors simply see potential for making money from this technology and seek help in this regard.

We honestly hope they fail. Players and developers have called on social networks to criticize the position of the President of Square Enix. Some even call him a hypocrite, arguing that many corporate games have people like him as villains.

Source: Square Enix President’s New Year’s Letter

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