Spotify: you can already tell which podcasts you love or hate! Search

In general, rankings can be very helpful in making good decisions, or at least avoiding bad ones. If we only see one star attributed to something, we are afraid. On the other hand, five stars give us a lot of confidence in everything. So that we don’t screw up the podcast selection, Spotify will introduce a star-based rating system. This will be available to everyone in the next few days.

Spotify: you can already tell which podcasts you love or hate! Search

The Verge website announced that this is coming soon. This way we can give a rating to everything we hear on podcasts. However, we cannot vote immediately. This is to do some justice to the matter. That means we have to listen for at least 30 seconds. However, the average rating is shown along with the number of people who rated it. That way, we really get an idea of ​​whether the podcast is good or not.

Spotify podcasts

This change is undoubtedly excellent. After all, it’s much easier for us to find out what’s good and what’s not in a universe where there are so many podcasts.

But that’s not the only news. Spotify decided to take serious inspiration from TikTok and decided to try out a new feature called Discover, or in Portuguese, Discover. This new feature allows artists to post vertical videos of their music and allows users to discover new subjects more easily. It is, without a doubt, a very interesting feature.

The new Spotify Discover feature was discovered by Chris Messina in the latest iOS beta.

The new Discover button is located between the Home and Search buttons.

When we open this tab we have access to a TikTok style video feed with artists and their songs. However, you can add a flavor to the music by touching the heart icon or pressing the three-dot button for more information.

Spotify podcasts

In response to the TechCrunch website, Spotify declined to comment on whether the new feature will be included in the official version of the app or whether it will be dropped altogether.

The new Discover can come in very handy for artists as you can add videos to songs without having to produce an expensive music video. However, this can also differentiate Spotify from its main competitor, Apple Music, as it does not have a video feed section.

Spotify podcasts

This isn’t the first time some artists have turned to vertical video. Billie Eilish has already adhered to this and published a vertical video of her villain song in August 2019.

If Spotify actually adds the new Discover section to its app, vertical music videos could become a fad. Needless to say, Apple Music will likely do the same thing in the end.

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