Spider-Man and all the news that Chapter 3 of Fortnite will have

This weekend, Chapter 2 of Fourteen days is complete, and a few hours ago Epic Games revealed some of the news that will appear in Season 1 of Chapter 3 of Battle Royale. What will these novelties be that appear on the season 1 map of chapter 3 of? Fourteen days and what characters will take part in the battle? It’s time to meet you.

What’s new in Season 1 of Chapter 3 of Fourteen days?

The first novelty that Season 1 of Chapter 3 of brings Fourteen days is the new card design. This one is now literally backwards and full of new places to explore.

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New locations on the map from Chapter 3 of Fourteen days

  • Cholesterol farmhouse
  • Abandoned sawmill
  • The sanctuary
  • Daily bugle
  • Chonker circuit
  • Canyon condo
  • Butter stall

New mobility maneuvers

When we slide we can take photos and build without inconvenience.

In Chapter 3 of Fourteen daysPlayers can slide to move faster, dodge enemy attacks, and gain a tactical advantage in moments of action. Gliding is very easy as we have to hold down the crouch button while running. This regardless of whether we are going downhill or uphill.

on Fourteen days: Chapter 3, Players Can Move Faster When Downed. If an enemy knocks us down, we can also collect items, open doors and chests, and even organize the inventory.

When will Spider-Man’s Gloves or Web Launcher be in. be available? Fourteen days: Chapter 3?

Chapter 3: Spider-Man’s Gloves or Web Launcher in Fortnite can be used with any suit or character.

Swing like Spider-Man on the island Fourteen daysChapter 3, we have to wait a few days. This because of Net head gloves or web launcher will be available in Chapter 3 of Fourteen days from Saturday, December 11th at 10:00 a.m.

What are the new characters in Fourteen days: Chapter 3?

When players visit the new island of. reach Fourteen days You will find old friends with new aspects, but also new characters will get through the Battle Pass to Chapter 3 of the ‘Battle Royale’ of Epic Games.

What are the characters in the Season 1 Battle Pass? Fourteen days: Chapter 3?

  • Shanta, the lotus runner.
  • Ronin, the nomad.
  • The enemy of nonsense: Lieutenant John Llama.
  • Chiclo.
  • Harlowe, the optimistic outlaw.
  • Haven, the native and defender of the island.
  • The Foundation, the leader of the seven who have the looks and voice of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Spider-Man can be unlocked by leveling up and going to page 9 of the Season 1 Battle Pass from Chapter 3 of. unlocks Fourteen days.

Kate Diaz and Marcus Fenix ​​from Equipment of war They appear in the trailer, but Epic Games has not announced when they will be available.

More news out Fourteen days: Chapter 3

In this new update of Fourteen days, Teamwork plays a fundamental role. Some actions like resuscitating a partner or activating the restart cart can be activated more quickly when we are in company. Also, in some places on the map, players will find Fourteen days: Chapter 3 Doors that can only be opened with the help of more people.

Sealed doors can be opened with our teammates or by making temporary “alliances” with enemies.

Healing Mist is an item that allows us and our teammates to heal that can even be used on the go.

The Curadosa is a new property in Fourteen days: Chapter 3 which, unlike Healing Fog, can only be applied to our character. When we consume Curasoda, our health gradually recovers until we reach 100. However, when we take damage from an enemy, health recovery will be interrupted.

Source: official website of Fourteen days

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