Sony regards Andrew Garfield as the Spider-Man of the Venom and Morbius universes

No way home it is an absolute success. It has raised more than a billion dollars in the global box office in just two weeks. Obviously, Sony wants to continue to capitalize on the franchise and the multiverse narrative by introducing Spider-Man into the universe he creates with villains like Venom and Morbius. In fact, he seems to be considering Andrew Garfield – who has appeared in both of the films The incredible Spiderman– to do it.

As Mark Hughes reports in Forbes, this is an active discussion in the Sony Pictures offices. The studio hasn’t given up hope of making a ‘Sinister Six’ film that would be part of the Venom universe, and they have been thrilled with the positive response that Andrew Garfield’s return to the role of Spider Man. In recent weeks, the actor’s fans have advertised on social networks that he can appear in a third film from the network launcher.

Sony regards Andrew Garfield as the Spider-Man of the Venom and Morbius universes
A picture of Spider-Man in Morbius that sparked theories among fans.

For now This is just an idea and a new film with Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man has not yet been given the go-ahead. If it does come true, it may have nothing to do with Marc Webb’s two previous films. Instead, it would be part of the new continuity that Venom and Morbius belong to. There was also no discussion of which characters would be part of the Sinister Six if the project were actually revived.

We will have to be very careful about any new messages in this regard. Despite the affection fans seem to have for Garfield’s Spidey, we can’t forget that his films were critical flops and, while they didn’t make a bad box office, they fell short of Sony’s expectations.

Source: Forbes

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