Sony has changed the studio responsible for developing twisted metal

new twisted metal

The new game by Bent metal, which would come out with a new project for television at the time, would change the development studio. According to sources from the Video Games Chronicle, the Lucid studio – the people in charge of the game Destruction All-Stars– was relieved of the development of the new Bent metal. Now the first game in the franchise Bent metal in 10 years he will lead an in-house Sony studio based in Europe.

The sources of funding provided no explanation for Sone’s decision to change the development team for the new one Bent metal. However, they suggest the low reception had it Destruction All-Stars This was one of the reasons for the handover of the Lucid studio from the project.

A television series from Bent metal?

new twisted metal
The series of Bent metal It was announced in May 2019 and its story will be original.

During Sony’s presentation at CES 2022 where they unveiled the PlayStation VR2, the company expressed its support for the franchise Bent metal. He did this by reminding the audience that the television series is in production.

The story of the series Bent metal, according to Variety, is based on an original story by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the authors of Dead Pool Yes Zombie land. In addition, the series is from Bent metal produced by Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions will be an action comedy. The debut of Bent metal Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson, Captain America) will appear on television in the role of John Doe.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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