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Born Cristine Rotenberg on October 17, 1988 in Richmond, Hill, Ontario, Canada, she is a YouTube personality known as Simply Nailogical and also a crime statistics analyst currently working for the Government of Canada. However, she became known through her YouTube channel Simply Nailogical, on which she publishes nail polishing tutorials.

Have you ever wondered how rich Simply Nailogical is at the end of 2017? According to authoritative sources, Nailogical’s net worth is estimated at up to $ 2 million, an amount she has earned through her successful career that has been active since 2014.


Simply Nailogical net worth of $ 2 million


She grew up in her hometown with her sister Jennifer and was thrown into show business from an early age, Cristine; in the second half of the 1990s and early 2000s she appeared in fifteen commercials for Furby and Fib Finder, among others. She also tried herself as an actress and made her debut in the film “Charms for the Easy Life”, in which she portrayed the young Sophia. However, she did not pursue her career further as she focused entirely on her education. In 2014 she earned a Masters in Sociology with a major in Criminology from Carleton University.

Her internet career began the same year she did her Masters; first a blog with pictures of her nail art, but then opened a YouTube channel called Simply Nailogical in June.

Initially there were only short videos about nail tutorials on her channel, but slowly she turned to her YouTube career and in June 2016 she released a video called “100+ Coats of Nail Polish #POLISHMOUNTAIN” that went viral and she channel gained a huge following. Since then, she has become one of Internet stars’ many, has more than 4.5 million subscribers and has attracted over 655 million views, which has largely increased her net worth.

She has another YouTube channel – Simply Not Logical – which has daily vlogs unrelated to her nail art and nail product reviews. Simply Not Logical has garnered more than 1.6 million subscribers and around 65 million views which has also increased their net worth.

In terms of her personal life, she is in a relationship with her boyfriend Ben, who lives together in Ottawa.

She is a recognized philanthropist and donates $ 25,000 to the Ottawa Humane Society that she and her friend raised through merchandise sales. She’s also giving away one semester’s tuition fees to one of her many subscribers to attend a Canadian college or university, among many other activities.

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