Sign of time? The GTX 1650 is the best-selling board of 2021

As you may know, that bizarre year of 2021 was marked by a deep crisis in chip manufacturing that hit several industries and, according to all the signs, is far from over. Yes, some improvements are expected in 2022, but a return to normal … only for 2023 or maybe 2024.

All in all, computer fans without “decent” graphics cards had to opt for other, less powerful products. Like the example of the ‘old lady’ GTX 1650 originally launched in April 2019 which should cost around ~ 150 € today but has unfortunately moved closer to 350 ~ 400 €.

In short, this graphics card, which sells at almost 300% of its “normal” price, is one of the best-selling graphics cards of 2021.

Sign of time? The GTX 1650 is the best-selling board of 2021

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Unfortunately, the result of the crisis is of course the mining craze that is sending the latest graphics cards off the shelves. This of course makes them more expensive. Unfortunately, this has left enthusiasts satisfied with “bad” graphics cards at equally bad prices.

Indeed, this isn’t big news as the popularity of the graphics card, which isn’t even part of the RTX 20 generation, was evident month after month in the Steam Hardware Survey. After all, this card is already the second most popular on the platform and comes very close to the super popular GTX 1060.

The market is still insane! Still, Intel’s graphics card launch, slated for January, and AMD’s 6nm refresh launch, also slated to begin in January, starting at the low end, could be messing things up a bit.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Forced to buy a GTX 1650? Or did you run away from this idea in the same way you ran away from COVID for almost 2 years? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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