(Short test) TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra: A luxury smartwatch!

(Brief overview) TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra: As one of the biggest fans in the world of smartwatches in the at Leak.pt, I had the opportunity to test many good watches from different manufacturers, based on the most varied of operating systems, always with a focus on very different price ranges.

By the way, I can say that I have followed the development of the smartwatch world very closely! Especially in the past few years when many manufacturers were realizing what to do to convince consumers to jump on this boat.

But after all, I don’t think it’s new to anyone that you only have three paths ahead of you, in the form of the areas, if you want a real ‘smart’ watch, super premium:

  • Apple Watch
  • Samsung Galaxy watch
  • And finally Wear OS watches – where we have alternatives from Mobvoi (TicWatch), Fossil, Moto, Casio etc …

However, as you can see at this mini table, the king of smartwatches for me is undeniably the Apple Watch. It has the best package with an almost perfect balance between functionality and design. However, to have an Apple smartwatch you have to have an iPhone, we have to look at what we have in the Android world. (By the way, it’s a world that is showing great improvements in part of its wider ecosystem.)

After all, Mobvoi’s recently released TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra is an excellent example of what is happening in the world of smartwatches for Android smartphones. To be a watch that balances good specs with a very wide range of functions, all at a very interesting price point compared to its real competitors.

Would you like to learn more about this watch?

(Short test) TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra: A luxury smartwatch!

Therefore, the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra is one of the best Wear OS watches that we have ever been able to test. After all, we have a big screen that is actually two screens in one! (One OLED for excellent picture quality and another TFT to save energy, as seen in the pictures above). In addition, we also have a huge battery and of course a very interesting round design that makes this boy look great on your wrist no matter what situation you are in or what outfit you are wearing.

However, as mentioned above, the big competitors of this TicWatch Pro 3 are the Apple Watch 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Which is actually a bit of an unfair comparison as the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra is way cheaper than any of them at cost. 299 €.

As you can imagine, the Wear OS is still the device’s Achilles heel … but it comes in at its best here!

In addition, we also have the Mobvoi guarantee that this smartwatch will be at the forefront when receiving the Are you wearing OS 3.0! However, software is already available on Samsung watches and was able to convince us.

Of course, Google’s ecosystem is still far behind what Apple offers its users, but if you want a good watch with a good battery, beautiful, and packed with features, don’t be fooled, this TicWatch is the best alternative.

Especially when compared to previous models, it feels like we’re 10 years ahead in terms of performance! All thanks to 1 GB of RAM and the implementation of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 SoC.

TicWatch Pro 3 vs TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra: what has changed anyway?

To be honest, the new ‘Ultra’ isn’t all that different from the TicWatch Pro 3, which was released a few months ago. We can say that it is a somewhat “premium” version of the already very interesting watch that was released in early 2021. But let’s work in parts.

Little has changed in the design!

We now have creased edges and the disappearance of the arrows from the Pro model from the beginning of the year. A more aggressive look that I think makes the whole watch more appealing to the end user.

After all, it’s something that gives it a “roughened” look, which makes perfect sense since the build quality has increased a bit thanks to the use of stainless steel! In order to do justice to the quality, the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra has a MIL-STD-810G certification, ie it is resistant to dust, rain, sand and solar radiation. We also use Gorilla Glass.

So what about the inside?

If the design has changed little, the internal hardware of this device has changed even less. So we still have two screens, a dedicated FSTN for always-on mode and another 1.4-inch AMOLED. A recipe for success that Mobvoi has been using since its first TicWatch Pro to guarantee battery autonomy of 3 or 4 days without sacrificing the smart features of this boy.

Interestingly, as the main difference from the Pro model, it is now possible to change the backlight of the FSTN screen.

New features?

Actually yes! The Pro 3 model had neither a compass nor a barometer. In addition, we also have other sports modalities for automatic tracking, such as Pilates, football, HIIT, among others …

As if this wasn’t enough, we also have the physical and mental health monitoring of the user.

Which in turn means that the watch measures the variation in heart rate throughout the day in order to later calculate the mental and physical fatigue, which in turn is divided into five levels.

Conclusion: will you choose the Ultra model or the ‘old man’ Pro, which is now cheaper?

In short, the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra is a very interesting smartwatch, especially when placed next to its direct competitors. After all, at 299 euros it is significantly cheaper than an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

But with its launch, TicWatch Pro 3 dropped to $ 250, which can make it a little more appealing to anyone who wants a snitch watch without spending a lot of money. But … personally, I would always go to Ultra. I’ve used both and I am honestly saying that while there is not much difference in practice, I feel a more quality product on my wrist with this latest model.

In comparison, it’s not an Ultra at all, but if you’re a bit clumsy (like me) and want a watch that will last a couple of years, this Pro 3 Ultra is undoubtedly the best quality option thanks to its unbeatable build quality. .

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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