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Who is Shelby Holiday?

Shelby was born on December 11, 1985 in Denver, Colorado, USA, so under the zodiac sign Sagittarius and with American citizenship. She is best known for her career in journalism and broadcasting, most notably her current stint at The Wall Street Journal.

Early Life and Education

Shelby’s father Jeff Holliday was a basketball coach and she has been a huge sports fan since childhood as she looked up to her father – she watched and coached swimming, running, golf, basketball and soccer. Even though her father graduated in journalism and moved into finance, Shelby kept her love for sports. Her mother’s name is Nancy Holliday, whose occupation is unknown, and Shelby also has a brother and sister who played football for the San Diego State University team.

Shelby spent her entire childhood in Colorado, where she attended Cherry Creek High School – after matriculation, she attended the University of San Diego and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. During her time at university, she was a member of the basketball team, the university television station USDtv, one of the students of the Alpha Phi fraternity, and also worked for the fraternity as a writer for their monthly newsletter.

Shelby Holiday


Shelby began work as an intern at NBC while still a senior at her university—she was their reporter, editor, and video report producer. After graduating, she left NBC and began working as a political and business news reporter for UWIRE—a wire source for student journalists around the world, which then had 850 members. At the same time, she worked as a reporter for Fox News and the Fox Business Network. Her greatest accomplishments for Fox were covering the 2008 election and exposing voter fraud in Ohio – next year, 2009, she left UWIRE.

In 2010, Shelby became better known and better known after she started working as a reporter and host for Channel One News — she had to move to New York City since the channel was based there, but that wasn’t an issue for her. She became an international journalist while hosting Channel One’s daily news, covering some important stories including Nelson Mandela’s funeral in South Africa and the chaos that Typhoon Haiyan caused in the Philippines – she won a Telly award for their accounts of the rise of China. Shelby left Channel One in June 2014; The channel closed in May 2018.

Her next job was Bloomberg Television, an international cable and satellite business news network also based in New York – she worked as a reporter while also producing her daily news. During this part of her career, she interviewed many people associated with politics, such as government officials and several business leaders.

The next year, 2015, she started working for the same company she works for today – The Wall Street Journal – in New York City, an international daily newspaper with a focus on business. She currently works as a senior video reporter for everything important that’s happening in New York.

Personal life and preferences

There is no controversy or rumor about Shelby’s love life — she married the love of her life Jonathan Zwart on August 29, 2015 after the couple had been together for many years. Jonathan works in the investment banking division at Goldman Sachs in New York City and has a degree from the University of North Carolina. The couple didn’t have a big wedding, just inviting their closest family and a few friends; they have no children.

Shelby admits to being an adventure lover and adrenaline junkie — she’s flown in NASA’s zero-gravity plane and jumped with US Army troops. Two of her most popular interviews are with Pharrell Williams and Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe (she’s also interviewed Lil Wayne, Jack Nicklaus and Charles Barkley). She’s always helping people in need and has been involved in a few charity projects – she also enjoys traveling with her husband and you can see her pictures from around the world on Shelby’s Instagram account.

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looks and wealth

Shelby is currently 33 years old, has long blonde hair, brown eyes, is 5’7″, weighs approximately 150 lbs and has an hourglass build.

According to authoritative sources, Shelby’s current net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, which is likely to increase as her annual salary is said to be in excess of $110,000.

Shelby is very active on her social media accounts, but not as famous as one would assume — she started them Twitter Account in November 2008 and has so far amassed nearly 20,000 followers and tweeted over 15,000 times. She has an Instagram account with 4,000 fans and more than 1,000 posts, mostly uploading photos at the office and of herself and her husband traveling. She also has her own website where you can find her previous reports and videos and get in touch with her.

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