Seven Anti-Vaxx doctors gathered for the COVID conference in Florida fall ill with virus

Seven Anti-Vaxx doctors who attended a COVID-19 conference at an equestrian venue in Florida have contracted the virus – including a 71-year-old doctor who has been treating himself and his wife with ivermectin for 16 months.

Dr. Bruce Boros, 71, of Key West, Fla., Said he and his wife have been taking the parasite drug for “16 months.”

“I’ve been using ivermectin for 16 months, my wife and I,” he said at the COVID-19 conference at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida – an hour and a half west of Daytona Beach – November 6th.

“I’ve never felt healthier in my life,” he said, the Daily Beast reported.

The Florida COVID Summit organizer, Dr. John Littell told the Daily Beast that Boros and six other doctors fell ill “within days of the conference.” Around 800 to 900 people attended the event.

Two days later, the doctor fell ill with Covid-19, according to Littell. Boros is reportedly very sick, according to unidentified sources, near the cardiologist who spoke to the Daily Beast and is reported to be treating himself at home.

Dr. Bruce Boros, 71, of Key West, Florida, contracted COVID-19 “within days” of attending the Florida COVID Summit at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida on November 6th. He is reportedly very ill but is being treated at home himself

Event organizer John Littell (pictured) admitted that Boros and six other doctors contracted the virus but doesn’t believe the event is a “super-spreader” and said all doctors should check before attending infected with COVID-19 at the event

He reportedly started taking ivermectin as a personal research project last summer and has administered it to several patients, including his father.

His 97-year-old father, Carl Arfa, later opted for a COVID-19 vaccine, which Boros claimed his father had been “brainwashed” and “wanted to give him a beating”.

“He has been brainwashed,” Boros said at the conference. ‘He has it. He didn’t tell me. I was very angry. I wanted to give him a beating. He got both stitches. ‘

Boros took ivermectin from his father after finding out he was vaccinated and would later blame the vaccine as one of the causes of his father’s death.

“We are seeing astronomical death rates among people who have been vaccinated, especially the elderly,” he said at the conference.

Arfa broke through and fell seriously ill. Boros admitted at the conference that he would take the four-hour drive to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to give his father “fluids” which the Daily Beast described as “what he thought was best.”

His father died five days after contracting the virus, just hours before his son would attend the conference, Boros admitted at the summit.

He also told attendees that he felt “a little guilty” for stopping Arfa after being vaccinated on ivermectin.

Breakthrough cases are usually linked to patients whose immunity is degraded from early vaccination, patients with underlying medical conditions, or the elderly, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Littell does not consider the event a “super-spreader” and told the Daily Beast that those infected with the disease contracted it prior to the event.

It was also reported that the event did not require masks or social distancing.

“I think they got it from New York or Michigan or whatever they were from. It was really the people who came in from other places, ”he told the Daily Beast.

Ivermectin is a controversial COVID-19 treatment that has not been approved by the FDA or CDC. It is traditionally used as an anti-parasitic agent for horses, cows, and other farm animals

The event took place on November 6th at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida, where seven out of 800 to 900 participants are known to be infected with the virus

The doctor who organized the conference also reported that “everyone so far” has been treated with ivermectin – which he has used on 2,000 patients himself – and that “Bruce is fine,” despite all sources.

Boros was last active on Facebook on Nov. 12, where he disapproved of Big Pharma and the use of COVID-19 vaccines, labeled it “authoritarian medicine” and advised his patients not to “bump children”.

“Big Pharma makes BILLIONS from lethal injections! They don’t care about chasing bad results on jabs because they don’t want their financial gravy to be interrupted, ”he wrote online.

Boros wrote on Nov. 12 that Big Pharma “makes billions on lethal injections” and said people shouldn’t “prick children”.

Boros (pictured in April 2020) said he and his wife have been using ivermectin as a personal research project for 16 months

The FDA tweeted “You are not a horse” in August urging people to “stop” ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment.

The FDA and Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) recommend not using ivermectin to treat COVID-19 because there is no evidence that the drug protects or cures patients.

Earlier this year, the FDA tweeted: You are not a horse. You are a cow now. Seriously, all of you. Stop it.’

Attached to the tweet was an article entitled: Why You Shouldn’t Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19. contacted Boros and Lettill for comment.

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