See the BMW M240i 2022 stretched to the maximum, it is limited to 254 km / h!

When we think of BMW, we immediately think of great cars, with great powers under the hood. This is even more guaranteed with the M variants of this historic company, which has offered authentic monsters of the asphalt over the years.

That means that we have now put the latest BMW 240i XDrive to the fullest on video!

We can already say that the acceleration is incredible, but the top speed leaves a lot to be desired. After all, we are talking about a strict limiter that only allows you to reach 254km / h.

I am only saying that it is “little” because even the VW Golf R can surpass this number with less power.

BMW M240i

Let’s get down to business, the numbers!

well, the new one BMW M240i Coupe xDrive 2022 comes onto the market with the 3.0 liter turbo i6 engine that supports the 382 hp and 500 Nm torque. These numbers guarantee the car a fairly generous acceleration from 0-100 by 4.1 seconds.

These numbers can be seen in the video below.

We can see in the video that the car can overtake 0-100 km / h in 4.39 seconds even on an “unprepared” surface. However, with a small rollout, the numbers drop to 3.9 seconds.

BMW has no chips so it will “cover” screens. But give a discount!

BMW M240i

On the autobahn, the famous autobahn with no speed limit, the BMW M240i was able to demonstrate the full power of its 3.0 six-cylinder engine. We are talking about an acceleration from 100 to 200 km / h in just 10.6 seconds at a top speed of 254 km / h.

In short, BMW’s decision to keep this engine makes the M240i an authentic alternative for those who do not opt ​​for the more powerful M2. The truth, however, is that the decision to place a four-cylinder engine was on the table and could even become a reality in the future.

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