See how the Toyota GR Yaris outperforms 473hp!

Even though the automotive world is completely shifted to electrified powertrains, the purest proposition, combustion, has a lot to prove and showcase before it completely disappears from the market. After all, we still have big engines in circulation and even the small Toyota GR Yaris has just appeared in the video and has far exceeded its factory numbers.

With the reprogramming, the 1.6-liter turbo three-cylinder engine of this authentic “pocket rocket” is now able to achieve more than 473 hp!

gr yaris

gr yaris

In comparison, this small block has an already greedy output of 257 hp ex works. So this way we have an increase of 215 hpmade with a lot of adjustments but with a more specific detail.

The 473 hp Toyota GR Yaris kept the engine in stock, minus the valve springs!

First of all, you know that the measurement of 473 horsepower is taken on the wheels of the car. Something that has done the math suggests that with the losses in the box and gearboxes, the tiny 1.6 liter engine is now getting double the output. Yet, in spite of basically double the power, the block itself has not changed except for the valve springs.

gr yaris
gr yaris

Of course, however, some changes are required, such as a new and updated MAP sensor, larger fuel pump, and expansion tank.

All in all, the changes for this incredible street missile are still ongoing. We still don’t have the engine failure and the owner has already informed us that a new camshaft is on the way.

In short, the intent is to place this little four-wheel-drive pocket missile at 400m to around 10 seconds. A feat that may even become a reality, because up until now this car with “only” 362 hp made this passage in just 11.7 seconds. Is the extra 100 hp capable of such a feat?

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