Security expert reveals the snapshots that you should never post of your home this Christmas

The halls are decorated, you meet up with loved ones again after the breakup during the lockdown and it promises to be another real Christmas, so maybe you are very tempted to show snapshots of your celebrations on social media?

But with nine million # ChristmasDecor hashtags on Instagram and 586.2 million TikTok views, security vendors have warned that if you share too much online over Christmas, you could be at risk of break-ins.

Anthony Neary, general manager of, told FEMAIL: “Christmas is definitely an exciting time. However, it takes a lot of energy and money, and burglars are very conscious and active throughout December to spoil the fun.

“As the holiday season approaches, we wanted to advise families on how to securely post on social media without giving any clues or signs to thieves.

“Innocent posting risks are not taken into account. Millions share important information about their properties and their content on Instagram and TikTok, and we believe it is important to stay one step ahead of thieves in order not to have to deal with the pain a break-in can cause. “

Here he explains how to keep your home safe from thieves during this festive season – by not checking into places and by keeping those family gathering snaps private.

Anthony Neary, managing director of, told FEMAIL why it can be dangerous to post pictures of gifts under the tree (stock image)

Make sure the picture of the tree is a close up

“The presentation of home transformations and winter wonderlands is a common social media post. In addition to showing decorations, the property’s layout is also shown on TikTok videos and Instagram videos, ”explained Anthony.

“This gives burglars the ability to search the house and plan their route so that they can quickly access the items they want to take with them.

“When sharing photos, try to focus on specific items like table decorations or the Christmas tree. In this way, the Christmas spirit is shared without planning the room layout. ‘

Anthony explained how wide pictures showing the whole house (pictures, archive pictures) can show thieves the floor plan of your house

Stop sharing snapshots of outdoor decorations showing the home

“Door decorations get more extravagant every year, and wreaths, bows, lights and accessories are used to create the perfect Christmas house entrance,” explained Anthony.

“However, close-up shots of the door can show the locks and door material so that burglars can plan all of the tools and how to break in.

“Try to post close-up shots of outdoor decorations like reindeer statues or lights rather than revealing the barrier that gets in the way of thieves and the exterior of the house.

Don’t post pictures of gifts under the tree

Nicely wrapped gifts can be very aesthetically pleasing and tempting to share snaps – but this can also show thieves where expensive gifts are lurking and ready to grab, warned Anthony.

“Whether the picture or the video shows the gifts hidden under the tree or being bought and wrapped, you instantly show a burglar that these items will be lying around the property throughout the pre-Christmas period and will be available. ‘ he explained.

‘Keep presents under lock and key and when posting a photo of the tree to make sure no presents are visible.’

Close-ups of the door can show the locks and door material so that burglars can plan all the tools and how to proceed in the event of a break-in, explained Anthony

Avoid checking into other people’s homes on social media

Since Christmas has cut visits for many last year, family reunions across the country will be on the agenda, but it’s best to avoid commercials when you’re away, Anthony explained.

“When you post with relatives or friends, advertise that you are away from home.

“To be careful, avoid checking into places on social media. Post all the pictures when you get home and when you are gone make sure you have security lights and timed lights inside to give the illusion that people are inside, ”he added.

No more shopping selfies

“The pre-Christmas season can often be a stressful but also an exciting time preparing for Christmas,” continued Anthony.

“Avoid sharing stories about queuing at stores or ordering online as it could hint at the items you have in your house waiting to open in eight weeks which is a big window for thieves to make their move.

“It’s better to share content days and weeks after it occurs than to do it live. Try to post days after Christmas so burglars know it’s not happening now, and now is not the ideal time to try to steal. ‘

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