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Sara Aliza Eisen was born in December 1970, but her exact date of birth is unknown. She is a daughter of Dr. Jane and Dr. Drore Eisen of Cincinnati, a dermatologist and founder of a New York-based laboratory specializing in cancer, founder and medical director of CDx Diagnostics, while her mother is a retired pediatric dentist. This American presenter, correspondent and journalist is best known for working for CNBC.

How rich is Sara Eisen at the end of 2017? Sara’s net worth is up to $ 450,000, according to authoritative sources, and stems from her career in the aforementioned fields that began in the 1990s. She is reportedly making at least $ 100,000 a year now. Her net worth includes her New Jersey apartment and a luxury car.


Sara Eisen net worth of $ 450,000


Eisen attended New York University and received his Masters in Journalism from Northwestern. As for Eis’s career, she has worked for a variety of television networks including Bloomberg where she worked as a news anchor and currency journalist and Forex TV. Due to her charisma and skills, she was able to develop professionally and finally became a co-host for CNBC, one of the leading American television stations, in 2013. The shows she works on include Squawk on the Street and Worldwide Exchange, which participated in the projects in 2013 and 2016, respectively. The former television show focuses on information on global economic topics and is based on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. It airs Monday through Friday and each episode contains two hours of footage on the topic. Eisen works with Carl Quintanilla, David Faber and Jim Cramer. When it comes to Worldwide Exchange, it airs on several CNBC channels worldwide and has been dubbed “the first global business newscast” and was the first CNBC program to be co-produced by three of the network’s regional channels.

Sara is not only a presenter, but has also interviewed several German presidents, including Eric Rosengren and Charles Plosser. Sara has appeared on Bloomberg Surveillance and Lunch Money, while also working on Bloomberg Radio and – Bloomberg’s website. Overall, Sara Eisen is primarily associated with business television programs and business-related topics and is considered one of the frontrunners in her journalistic specialties.

Privately, Sara has been married to Matthew Stone Levine, a Manhattan-based editor-in-chief of Bloomberg, since May 29, 2016. As for family life, Sara and Matthew have two children. She is active on social media such as Instagram and Twitter and has over 86,000 followers there.

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